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Here's how to delete BBM contacts easily & quickly!

Who doesn't know BBM? BBM (Blackberry Messenger) was once famous in its time, even now there are still those who use it for certain purposes. Initially, this BBM application was only used to exchange messages and make calls to communicate like other social media. This application certainly also uses the internet to stay connected.

To not lose its existence, BBM has now made the latest features such as video calls, voice notes, stickers, and even share locations and files. What distinguishes this application from other social media is that you have to use pins or barcodes to invite friends in a chat room, and the invited party must accept an invitation first, then you can chat -an.

BBM can broadcast to send the same message to several contacts in your BBM application. Usually this broadcast is used for promotion in terms of selling or there are important information such as accidents, traffic signs and other more interesting information. You can fill out the broadcast from the most important thing even though it is fun.

However, there is a less pleasant impact from this broadcast. Its nature is so disturbing, if people keep sending broadcasts, moreover it's not important. This also causes us to delete the contact from the BBM contact list. How do I delete BBM contacts? It's easy! See the following explanation.

How to Delete BBM Contacts

Here is an explanation of how to easily remove BBM contacts.

1. First you have to open the BBM application. Then, select the contact menu . Note the picture below.

 How to remove fuel contacts

2. Select the contact to delete. Long press on the contact until the display appears as shown below. Then, click delete icon in the upper right corner.

 how to remove fuel contacts

3. After that, a dialog box will appear as below. If you want to delete the contact permanently select Block Invitation Next then click the 19459004 check box beside it. Then select delete . Then the contact has been permanently blocked and deleted. However, if you want to delete the temporary contact you just press the section to delete .

 how to remove fuel contacts

It's quite easy, right? An explanation of how to delete BBM contacts. Hopefully useful and used as well as possible. Ā Although the contact is deleted on your social media, the brotherhood must be maintained! Don't offend a party that causes the relationship to become damaged. Thank you and congratulations on trying the tutorial above!


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