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Here's how to deal with the easiest HP 2135 printer error

Printers are one of the important computer devices. One of the functions of the printer was to print all forms of files from computers and laptops, even possible gadgets. Almost all institutions and houses have this tool. The printer is divided into three types, namely laser jet printers, ink jet printers, and dot matrix printers. In each type, the printer continues to develop. In terms of physical design and technology. Even now many printers are produced without cables in their use.

Ink jet printers are printers that work with ink. This type of printer is the most widely available and used printer on the market. Currently this ink-based printer has a type that can be used to print very large paper. There are some types of reliable tracing paper printers . Of course with good quality. This is because the resolution of the ink jet printer has reached 5760 x 1440 dpi. In this type of printer, dor technology on demand is used. This technology is printing by spraying small dots of ink on the pipe or nozzle holes on the paper.

Several large printer brands such as Canon and HP already have other sophisticated technologies. This technology uses heat. How can heat become a technology on a printer? It turns out that by spraying heat, the ink will be pressed more into the nozzle to produce a stronger, longer, and clearer printout. Because this technology uses heat, it will take a few seconds before the ink dries. But the print results will not disappoint.

Discussing ink jet printers, these are some of the advantages or advantages of ink printers:

  1. If you use good quality photo paper, the photo print results are of high quality.
  2. Speed ​​is relatively high for work the light one.
  3. The relatively cheap price makes this printer easy to buy by most people.
  4. For some types of printers, it can print from memory cards or mobile phones, or digital cameras. Of course this is owned by the latest type of printer.

Besides having advantages, this printer has several disadvantages. This is the lack of an ink printer:

  1. High-speed ink jet printers are no higher than laser printers. This means that the printer's ink speed is much lower than the speed of a laser printer. So to print a lot of paper, the ink jet printer is unable to handle it.
  2. The ink capacity in the cartridge is small so it has to replace it frequently.
  3. The print price is higher per page. This is because carrying ink technology is more costly. Buy ink and cartridges every how many hundred sheets.
  4. Ink can fade if touched when it comes out of the printer. Or it could also be damaged by exposure to liquids.

One printer that is often used is the HP Ink Jet 2135 Printer. HP is one of the most commonly used printer brands in Indonesia. HP printers offer many variations or types of choices. One of them is an HP 2135 ink jet printer. This printer is considered to have good quality. Besides that the design is also more attractive than the others. But there are times when the printer has an error or cannot be used. There are many reasons why the printer could jam . One Way to Overcome HP 2135 Printer Error is to reset the printer.

Reset is one way to overcome the printer error. It aims to restore the work device to its original settings. Besides overcoming problems, resetting the printer is one form of treatment. To reset the printer, of course each type has a different way. Here are some ways to easily reset the HP ink jet 2135 printer. Apparently, you do not need to think hard because it resets this printer does not give commands from the computer. So you don't need to work hard to understand computer commands. Resetting the printer is done manually, as follows:

  1. The first step that must be done is to turn off the printer first. Don't forget to pull out all kinds of cables from the computer and power.
  2. Open the cartridge cover and also open the front cover of the printer.
  3. Pull the ink cartridge holder manually into the center.
  4. If you pull it to the middle, take the cartridge. then the indicator will blink.
  5. Put the cartridge back in, but leave the position in the center.
  6. Close the cartridge cover on the front of the printer.
  7. After all the covers are installed correctly, reconnect the power cable to the printer.
  8. Press the cancel button and hold it down. After that, press the power button and hold it for about 10 seconds. Wait until the indicator stops flashing.
  9. After you have done the steps above, the printer prints information about the cartridge. That information indicates that the cartridge has been successfully reset.

That's a few steps to reset the HP 2135 printer as a way to overcome the HP 2135 Printer Error. To avoid printer errors, care should be taken as well. For example, by regularly cleaning the HP printer after or before use. The ideal cleaning time for a busy printer is once a week. While the printer is not too busy, it can take longer than that.

Cleaning printers themselves have two types. The first is daily cleaning, which can be done at any time in a short time. Whereas the second is more complete cleaning, referred to as deep cleaning. Deep cleaning serves to improve the printout if or without any problems. You can do Deep Cleaning once a month for printers that have moderate activity. Cleaning printer is done using a computer device. So you don't need to turn off the computer. You even have to turn on all computer devices to give cleaning commands to the printer.

Apart from cleaning from inside, keep printer activity. For example, the simplest is, use your printer to continue printing. Any print at least 1 sheet per day. This is one form of treatment. A printer that has never been used for printing will experience some printer problems. One of them is printer ink that doesn't come out. That is indeed a disadvantage of ink jet printers, which is the ink.


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