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Here's How to Change Posts on the Cortana Search Box Easily

One of the applications launched by Microsoft was first released on April 2, 2014. Although Cortana is still fairly new in the world of voice-based virtual assistants, Microsoft continues to develop the latest features and improve its performance.

As we know that the Cortana application was originally only available on Windows smartphones. However, now we can enjoy this virtual assistant on a computer with a Windows 10 operating system. Reportedly again, Cortana turned out to be able to defeat its competitor Siri's virtual assistant developed by Apple.

Well, when we activate Cortana on a Windows OS computer 10 then the words "Type here to search" will appear, "Ask me anything", and so on. Writing on the Cortana box actually seems too stiff. So, for those of us who sometimes need a new or relaxed atmosphere will feel bored and boring.

Therefore, we can change the writing in the cortana search box according to our wishes.
This article will discuss about how to change the text in the Cortana search box. Let's look at the explanation below.

How to Change Posts on the Search Box Cortana

In using Cortana everyday, of course, can not be separated from the user interface and user experience that is felt by the user. One of them is writing in the Cortana search box.

When we display the Cortana search box on the Windows taskbar, the posts that appear tend to be very inflexible. On this occasion, I will explain how to replace the text in the Cortana search box on a Windows 10 computer. Come on, follow the steps below.

1. Open regedit via Run by press the Windows key + R > then type regedit in the available fields> then click OK .

 How Changing Posts on the Cortana Search Box

2. After the Registry Editor (Regedit) opens, please open the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft .

 2- open HKEY_CURRENT_USER, software, microsoft

3. Then open the next path: Windows> CurrentVersion .

 How to Change Posts on the Search Box Cortana

4. The next step is to open the next path again, namely: Search> Flighting .

 4 - open search, flighting

5. If you have entered the Flighting path, make sure that the value data in the Current and RotateFlight is 0. You can see the value of data in the area that has been marked with a red box below. If the value of one or both of the data is still 1, please change it to 0 by double clicking or double-clicking on Current .

 5 - double-click current [19659002] 6. Then changed the value of data to 0 > then click OK .

 6-change to 0

7. Next, reopen the derived path from Flighting, namely select 0 > then select SearchBoxText as shown below.

 How to Change Posts on the Search Box Cortana [19659002] 8. Then on the right hand side please double click on the Value .

 8 - double click on the value

9. Well, please change the Value data according to the writing that you want > if it's done immediately click OK .

 9 - change value data

10 . After all the steps above are done, please restart your computer so that the system resets the activities you have changed. Then the writing in the Cortana search box will be replaced.

[1945931] 10 – succeeded ” width=”670″ height=”356″/>

The above method can only be applied to those of you who have displayed the Cortana search box on the Windows taskbar. So that the text that appears in the Cortana search box will be visible. Now, Cortana is able to provide more accurate results. Of course Microsoft went through a long journey to that point. Defeating its competitors now Cortana, who has been four years since her first release, is getting better at helping her daily activities as a sound-based virtual assistant.

Thus is the article about Cortana . Hopefully this article useful for you. Keep visiting Nesabamedia to get interesting and up-to-date information. Congratulations on using Cortana's virtual personal assistant at Microsoft 10!


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