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Here's How to Change Android DNS for Beginners (100% Work)

Internet technology is increasingly developing and showing various positive and negative developments. Most of the positive effects generated by the internet are beneficial to the lives of every human being.

So that there is a lot of information and the latest insight to get to know the technology that is developing. In addition, the development of this technology can have a negative impact, when used for criminal acts.

Therefore, DNS has an important role to know the domain and IP address of each website or device used. So that if there is a crime can be traced wisely and actually.

How to Change Android DNS for Beginners

Changing DNS is a minor problem if we cannot find a solution. For this reason, this article will discuss how to change android DNS so that it is easier to understand:

1. Make sure you have a smooth connection. This is because, the DNS replacement process also depends on the WIFI connection . So when you want to change your android DNS, try to use a WIFI network.

2. This DNS replacement process uses an application specifically for DNS that will make it easier for you to change DNS on your android. The most important thing in using this application is that this application is safe for smartphones, because smartphones do not need to be rooted to be able to use this application.

3. If you have not installed this application for DNS, open the application menu on your smartphone, and select the Google PlayStore application

 how to replace android DNS with the application

4. You will see the main page display when you open the Google PlayStore application. Note that at the top there is a search field to search the DNS application name

5. Type the keyword set DNS, then click search or press enter

 Search for DNS applications

6. After that a list of applications that appear relevant to the keywords entered will appear

7. Select the application called DNS Changer (No Root Ipv6) Android

8. Click install, so that the application is installed on your device. Wait until the installation process is complete

 Install the DNS Application

9. Open the DNS Changer application that is already installed on your Android smartphone

10. The DNS used on your android is by default a DNS with Google's DNS type. Where, this Google DNS has IP Address (Primary Server) and (Secondary Server)

 how to replace android DNS with DNS Changer

11. To change the DNS IP Address currently used on your Android smartphone, just click default DNS Addresses

 Change Public DNS

12. After that a pop-up display will appear Public DNS Providers

13. In this view, you can choose the available public DNS. Many choices are provided by this application. However, in this tutorial public DNS provider used is OpenDNS

 Pop up DNS Providers

14. Click on the section OpenDNS and you will see that the IP Address will change according to the selected DNS provider. IP Addresses owned by OpenDNS are (Primary Server) and (Secondary Server). So that the IP Address used will be different from the IP Address at the first time, namely on Google's DNS.

 how to replace android DNS with OpenDNS

With the information on how to change android DNS this makes it easier for android users when they want to change DNS on each of his android devices.

Changes to DNS can be done through a variety of devices and various ways. So you can get a lot of information about how to change DNS.

Not only limited to Android, but also on a computer or laptop. However, this information only focuses on changing the android DNS. This is because, many users use Android as an electronic device that is easy to carry anywhere. I hope this article is useful for you.


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