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Here it is, Step By Step How to Teach Computers for Beginners

A computer is an electronic device that has a function to process data. With the advancement of the development of computer networks there are currently many fields that use computer systems to run their production wheels.

For example, in the industrial sector, there are currently several industries.
use a computer system to carry out its production. Likewise at
field of education. At present we can see the national exam already using
computer system. From these two things it can be concluded that the computer system
really become an important and mandatory item to master.

Well, the problem that is happening right now is that not everyone is able to
run the computer. The term gaptek also appears as a term for people
who stutter in using technology. Therefore, if you have
siblings, friends or parents who really don't use the same computer
so, then you can teach him with the following things.

1. Identify computers

Of course the first thing to teach computers to beginners is to introduce them to these electronic devices. You can explain the definition first about what a computer is, whatever computer components are used, what is meant by computer hardware and computer software, and so on. If you have introduced things about computers, then you can progress to the next stage.

2. Teach how to install
computer components

This also needs to be taught to people who are new to computers. It needs to be taught how to install the mouse on the port on the CPU, install the monitor cable, install the keyboard cable, and others. This is done so that when one of the components is replaced, they will know how to properly install computer components. Of course it will be very troublesome if you have to call a computer technician just to attach the mouse cable to the port on the CPU.

3. Teach how to turn on
and turn off the computer

Next is the method most often done at the time
using a computer, which is how to turn on and turn off the computer with
right. This kind of thing must absolutely be taught well. Because, if it's wrong
in how to turn on and turn off the computer, then it will
impact on computer components. As we know that if it's wrong
to turn off the computer like pulling the cable directly without doing the process
Shutdown, then it can damage the components in it.

4. Teach software
data processor

For users who are still beginners in the computer world, the basic thing is
absolutely taught is how to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft
Excel, or Microsoft Power Point. It also needs to be taught cause
data processing software is the most basic work needed by
agency. Therefore, make sure these users understand how
processing data to save the file on the computer. Teach too
tools used as supporting features in processing data.

5. Teach how to work

If you already understand softaware data processing on a computer, then step
Next is to understand how the computer works like how
open a saved file, how to move, delete or
duplicate files. How to create a new folder, and so on. In section
this, the users have been taught about the functions of Windows Explorer. For all
data from applications that are stored will be easily tracked using windows

In addition, you also teach how to use the icons
appears on the computer's main screen, searches for applications through the Windows menu, and also
how to use shortcuts using the keyboard.

6. Teach how to use
a program

In addition to data processing programs, you also need to teach how to run a program that is on the computer. For example, how to browse windows explorer, how to use graphics processing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel and others, applications to surf the internet such as browsers, how to find out memory of computer RAM, hard drive memory, computer status, etc.

7. Teach to connect
internet and explore it

Because nowadays computer networks can be enjoyed by anyone, it is necessary
to teach you how to pair internet networks via LAN cable or
wireless on a computer, how to explore it through the best browser, the way
open a website, how to upload and download files, methods
save files downloaded from the internet, etc.

That's 7 ways to teach computers for beginners that are easy to do. Basically
the key to learning computer is more practice. If the user often does
training when using a computer, then naturally he will be trained
own. If the user is interested in learning more about the world
computer, he could try college at the University of 1945
majoring in informatics engineering . There, he can further explore what
about how to make a program, create stunning graphic designs,
create a security system, analyze a program, and there are still many benefits
Informatics engineering other lectures. Hopefully this article can
provide useful information.


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