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Here it is List of 21 Universities in the Information Systems Department

Lecture is one of the next stages of life to pursue goals. If you have aspirations to work in the computer world, you must study at a university that opens a major in the computer field. Well, there are two study programs related to the computer field itself, namely Information Systems (SI) and Information Engineering (IT). Are you going to choose SI or IT ? If you choose Information Systems, here we make a list of the best universities in informatics engineering that you can enter. Here's the review for you.

1. Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS)

Who does not know this one public university (PTN)? Yup, PTN which is located in the city of Surabaya is one of the universities with the best engineering specialties throughout Indonesia, even the world. As the name implies, ITS is a PTN that focuses on technology and engineering, such as mechanical engineering, astronomy, and others. Compoter techniques also become one of the best departments in PTN whose graduates have been involved in the Indonesian nation and the world. The information system study program at ITS has an A accreditation from BAN-PT. So, ITS can be a consideration for those of you who want to study in the Information Systems department.

2. Indonesian Computer University, Bandung

From its name alone, we can already find out that this university focuses on computer technology. Yup, UNIKOM is one of the best private computer universities in Indonesia. The university, which is located near Padjajaran University, offers 3 courses and majors related to computers, namely Information Systems, Computer Systems and Information Engineering. This Information System study program owned by campuses in Bandung City receives an accreditation rating B from BAN-PT.

3. Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta

In Jakarta, there are many campuses that focus on the computer field. One of them is Bina Nusantara, or also known as Binus. Specialization from Bina Nusantara itself is indeed more inclined as a computer university and also IT. Therefore, in addition to the IT or informatics engineering department, in Binus there are also other computer-related majors, such as computer science, computer systems, information systems, and many more. Accreditation given by BAN-PT to the Department of Information Systems at Binus is A.

4. Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga

Now we turn to a city called Salatiga. In this city, there is a private university that has the best computer study program, because it gets an A and B accreditation rating from BAN-PT. The university is Satya Wacana University. This Information System study program at Satya Wacana Christian University has an A accreditation from BAN-PT.

5. Gunadarma University, Depok

This university located in Depok provides several faculties and departments related to computers, including Informatics Engineering, Computer Systems, and also Information Systems. Well, these three departments get an A accreditation rating from BAN-PT.

6. Mercu Buana University, Jakarta

Mercu Buana University is one of the private universities located in Jakarta. The University has two study programs related to the computer field, namely the Information Systems and Informatics Engineering study programs. Both study programs owned by Mercu Buana University received B accreditation assessment from BAN-PT.

7. Multimedia Nusantara University, Jakarta

Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) is one of the campuses or universities that can be your alternative choice in finding the best information systems university in Indonesia. Information Systems Department includes majors in the field of computers that you can choose at this university and have B accreditation by BAN-PT.

8. Esa Unggul University, Jakarta

Located in the same area as Bina Nusantara, Esa Unggul University could be one of the best IT campuses in Indonesia which you can calculate. Located in West Jakarta, with an A accreditation, this campus is worthy of being your choice to study. For the Information Systems study program, this campus gets accreditation B from BAN-PT.

9. Maranatha Christian University, Bandung

Maranatha Christian University is one of the private universities located in Bandung City. The university has two computer-related study programs. The two study programs are Informatics Engineering and Information Systems. The two study programs received B accreditation ratings from BAN-PT.

10. Universitas Widyatama, Bandung

Still from the city of Bandung, we now turn to other private universities that have the best computer majors in Indonesia, namely Widyatama University. The university has two computer-related study programs, namely Information Systems and Informatics Engineering, which both study programs get B accreditation from BAN-PT.

11. Tarumanagara University, Jakarta

Besides Binus and Esa Unggul, there was another university in West Jakarta which was also one of the best private computer universities in Indonesia namely Tarumanegara University or commonly known as Untar. Many departments at this university have excellent reputation and quality. One of them is the Information Systems department, which obtained B accreditation from BAN-PT.

12. Telkom University, Bandung

This campus, which is managed by the Telkom Education Foundation, is a combination of various Telkom universities that were first established, including Telkom Technology College (STT Telkom) and Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom). Now, the merged campus is located in one location in the Bojongsoang area, Bandung. Information Systems study program at Telkom University gets B accreditation from BAN-PT.

In addition to the twelve universities that we have mentioned above, there are still more universities that open Information Systems majors and can be your reference in choosing a university majoring in systems information. The following are:

13. Budi Luhur University, Jakarta

14. Yogyakarta University of Technology

15. Airlangga University (Unair), Surabaya

16. Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta

17. Universitas Brawijaya (Unibraw), Malang

18. President University, Bekasi

19. University of Semarang

20. Sriwijaya University (Unsri), Palembang

21. Gajayana University, Malang

Now, after you know several universities that open information systems majors, you also need to know a list of information systems courses so you can be ready to face college early. Oh yeah, prepare also a strong mental, because studying in the information system is heavy. Calm, though heavy, it turned out that the most sought after IT work could also be held by an information system graduate. Oh yeah, consider also the advantages and disadvantages of the information systems department before you choose this one.

Our articles this time around are about the best universities of informatics engineering in Indonesia. If you are interested in entering graphic design courses, you can also glance at the list of universities in graphic design in Indonesia . Congratulations on trying to register on the campuses that we have mentioned above and hopefully you will be accepted there.


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