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Here are the best current Samsung Galaxy A8 cases

The 2018 edition of the Samsung Galaxy A8 smartphone was recently launched,  and you can pick up unlocked versions of this mid-range 5.6-inch headset from online retailers, including B&H Photo, for $480. Since you are not spending as much money as you might on a new Galaxy S9, you might as well get a good case for this phone. But what are the best Samsung Galaxy A8 cases you can buy right now?

We did some digging and found our favorite Samsung Galaxy A8 cases that you can snap up right now. None of the cases will raise the total price of the phone that much, which is another big plus for people who are looking for a handset that does a lot for less than a flagshp devices.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy A8 Case

Samsung Galaxy A8 cases

Spigen is one of the most well known phone case makers, and they have made Galaxy A8 cases as well. This one is supposed to offer rugged protection with its two part design; a flexible frame with another rigid bumper frame. It also has a fingerprint-resistant back with a herringbone pattern that should make it easier to hold onto the phone. This is available on Amazone now for $14.99

Ringke [FUSION] Crystal Clear Galaxy A8 case

For those folks who want protection, but also want to show off their new phone, this Galaxy S8 case for you. The Ringke [FUSION] case has a clear back that also has a 2X clearness coating, along with a transparent TPU bumper in case the phone falls. You can get this case in a number of accented colors, including black, clear and rose gold, on Amazone for the starting price of $9.99.


Yiakeng Shock Resistant Galaxy A8 Case

Here’s another pretty rugged case for the Galaxy A8. This Yiakeng model has two layers of protection, similar to the Spigen, but this case costs a bit less on Amazon at $7.98. It also has some texture that should allow it to stay still on a flat surface, and also allow owners to hold onto it pretty well when they are using it.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Galaxy A8 Case

Here’s another one of the Samsung Galaxy A8 cases from Spigen. This model is just one piece, but it still has a premium TPU shell for excellent protection against shock and falling. It’s also thin and flexible so that it can wrap around the phone and make it easy for owners to keep it inside a pants pocket. It’s now available on Amazon for $12.99.

TopACE Ultra Thin Galaxy A8 Case

If you want a case that will keep your phone footprint down to a minimal size, check out this TopACE model. The soft TPU material includes carbon fiber, which should make it pretty durable as well. On the back of the case is a wiredrawing pattern design, which should keep it resistant to fingerprints, while also making it easy to grip with your hand. The case is available now on Amazon for the starting price of $7.49 in a variety of colors.

SUPCASE Samsung Galaxy A8 Case

Galaxy A8 case

If you really want some high-end protection, this case may be for you. The SUPCASE model has two parts; a polycarbonate hard shell and a flexible TPU inner shell. It also has a front cover with its own screen protector. For those folks who want quick access to the phone, the case even comes with its own belt clip holster. You can get this case now on Amazon for $19.99.

 Case-Mate Sheer Glam Galaxy A8 Case

If you want more that just protection from a Samsung Galaxy A8 case, then you might want to check out this entry from Case-Mate. This “Sheer Glam” case includes what it calls a “sparkle effect” on the back that helps to reflect the light in cool looking patterns. However, this case still has a dual layer design that also makes it pretty rugged in addition to standing out from the crowd. It’s also a little pricy as Amazon is selling it for $23.52.

CoverON Shadow Armor Galaxy A8 Case

Finally, we have a case that is not only rugged, but also has a nice extra feature. The CoverON Shadow Armor case is designed to offer extra rugged protection, with its two layer design, but the back also has an embedded kickstand as well, which should make watching movies on Netflix and YouTube better. You can just place the phone on a table with the kickstand and binge watch to your heart’s content. The case is available from Amazon in a variety of colors for $8.99.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Cases – Conclusion

That’s our look at what we think are the best cases you can get for the new 2018 edition of the Galaxy A8. Are there any other cases that you like for this phone that we could add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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