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Here are the 6 Laptop Specifications that are Suitable for Adobe Premiere for Smooth Use

Adobe Premiere is
one of the applications
edit background video which is famous for its quality when editing videos. The amount
tools that support editing videos make many users more
choose to use Adobe Premiere as a flagship software.

In the past, only computers with
only high specifications can run Adobe premier. However,
along with the development of computers, laptops can run software
smoothly. However, there are several conditions that must be met
so that Adobe Premier can be used smoothly. to find out, following


Laptop processor
can at least run Adobe premier divided into two, namely the Intel version
and AMD version. For the AMD version, at least use AMD Phenom II. Whereas for
Intel uses a minimum of Intel Core2Duo. Even so, it will be much better
using a processor that is higher than that. Moreover, Adobe Premier
at any time will make a renewal that can be a minimum specifications
will increase.

2. RAM

Consideration of computer RAM
Of course, it must be noted that the RAM function is able to run various
application and software. The higher the number of RAM, the more smooth it will be
run Adobe Premier. However, if you experience obstacles from the side
budget, the 8GB RAM capacity is the minimum requirement that must be met. In fact
4GB can also run it, however, the capacity makes it
the lag performance is at a few moments.

3. VGA

Because Adobe Premier is very
closely related to visuals, then surely VGA is one part
laptop that must be considered. For smoothness in editing videos on
laptop, it would be much better if you use a VGA card. Because, VGA card function
is to be able to maximize visuals on computers and laptops to be more

Plus, this VGA card
can also help in making films or graphics in more detail. you
need to see in detail the laptop that supports the VGA card easily. Because,
not all laptops can support VGA cards.

4. Hard drive

Capacity Hard drives are very important in computers and laptops. without a hard drive, the data will be difficult to store on a computer or laptop. therefore, a large hard drive capacity is better for storing Adobe Premier data. 1 Terabyte capacity is more appropriate as a reference for the right hard disk capacity to use.

Why is the capacity of 1 Terrabyte chosen because for data storage 1 video edited can reach tens to hundreds of Megabytes. It also has not been added to the data from Adobe Premier itself which can reach more than 1GB.

Besides the Hard Drive, you also
can try using an SSD hard drive. Although, SSD hard drives are more expensive
compared to a normal hard drive, you still need to consider the advantages and
lack of SSD Hard Drive as a data storage media on a laptop.

5. Laptop Size

Many are not aware
that the size of the laptop is also worth taking into account when editing videos. This too
related to the screen resolution used. basically screen resolution
very dependent on the comfort of the user's eyes themselves. Generally, 14
inches is the most appropriate size for laptops with high eye comfort,
Moreover, the size is also not too big or too small when it will
brought everywhere.

6. Available DVD-RW

One component that is
often overlooked by several people, namely DVD-RW. Even though it is currently saving
more data is done on the hard disk, but the presence of DVD-RW is not
can be ruled out. Plus, when the video creation is complete and
will be sent to others, the need for CDs is certainly more efficient.

Imagine you have to
sending 1GB video files over e-mail, or using a network
wireless, of course it must require not a little time. That too
depends on network strength. Unlike the case with a CD or DVD, you
just do the burning time for just a few minutes, CD
or DVDs are ready to be given to others with faster time.

That is the specifications of the laptop
suitable for Adobe Premiere to be smooth when used. At first glance, we can
see conclusions that the specifications offered almost resemble specifications
gaming laptops or specifications
laptop for 3D graphic design . This is indeed not surprising cause
Adobe Premier software included in the software is hard to run. Automatic
the components must also support so that this software can be run without lag
or hangs in the middle of the road.

However, if you have a limited budget, you don't need to worry. You can try to buy a second laptop, which is definitely a much tilted price. Although in terms of performance not as smooth as new items, but if you are smart in buying a second laptop, you will get a good quality laptop at low prices.


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