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Here are the 6 Differences in Photoshop CS and CC

For those of you who often work in the world of graphic design, Photoshop
certainly not foreign software. Software that is very well known
as a special graphic design software it is indeed more used by the people
creators in their fields. However, do you know that Photoshop has
two versions, namely CS and CC?

CS itself stands for Creative Suite. Whereas on CC
stands for Creative Cloud. Even though it's equally from Adobe,
Photoshop has two types of Photoshop that are rarely realized by many people. make it
You are confused about the differences in CS and CC, here are the full reviews.

1. License

The first difference
is from the license side. It turns out that both CS and CC have a licensing system
different when you buy it officially. For Photoshop CS, license
given can be used for life. That is, when you buy
this software, you can use it without license limits. Other than that,
Photoshop CS can be used on two computers at once.

Whereas in Photoshop CC,
the license granted has a certain period of time. License granted
very much depends on the type of photoshop used, namely business, design,
and for education. The time period given also varies. there is
which is only three months, six months, even up to one year. After the license
run out, then you have to renew again by paying money

2. Installation

For the intuitive side, Photoshop CS is installed on a hard drive like software in general. Therefore, the recommended computer specifications should be able to run this CS version of Adobe Photoshop.

For Photoshop CC, you
no need to have to install the software on a computer or laptop. If it is already
licensed, go to the Adobe Creative Cloud website and you
can use it directly. Amazingly, you can manage who
only those who can use Photoshop CC. that way, this application does not
can be used carelessly.

3. Save data

Because it uses memory
Hard drive, then Photoshop CS can only use the internal memory in
in computers and laptops. if memory
the hard drive that is used is very large, the more relieved in storing
the data generated from Adobe Photoshop CS. Even for data transfer
still using other supporting tools such as flashdisk or email. Will
but, with the note that the computer in question must be installed with the Adobe program
Photoshop also for editing.

For Adobe Photoshop CC,
all activities are very dependent on the internet network. Data storage
can also be done using the cloud system. Photoshop CC provides storage
data of 20GB. Data of that size is enough to store work
using Photoshop CC. If you want to be done by another colleague, you live
give access permission to use it as in the second point and your partner has
adequate internet access.

4. Default Features

Both Photoshop CS and CC
has supporting features that can be used to edit a
picture. It's just that both CS and CC have differences in the features section. If
we see from the side of completeness, Photoshop CC has a more complete feature
compared to the CS version.

In Photoshop CC, there are
a panel for editing on the shape part. This is able to help
users to maximize photo editing to be better. Other than that,
in Adobe Photoshop CC, there is multipath,
shape selection, and smart sharpen are far superior to the version

5. Price

For the price problem, this is the case
very related to licenses that have been discussed before. For Adobe
Photoshop CS, the price of the official license can reach millions of rupiah. Although from
the price side is very expensive, but you can use this program for the whole time
live as explained in the first point.

For Photoshop CC, price
what is given is cheaper because the licensing system is more similar to renting
application. The rental price is on average
hundreds of thousands of rupiah. The price depends on the time period
license used. The longer the time period is given then another
high in price.

6. Additional applications

In Phostoshop CC, there are
new program called Lightroom. Lightroom has a function for
provide filters and editing effects on the photography section. Unfortunately feature
This lightroom is not found in Adobe Photoshop.

We can conclude that Adobe Photoshop CC focuses more on online applications while Adobe Photoshop CS focuses more on offline applications. Although seeing the CC version has more advantages than the CS version. But this is returned to your needs as a user. If you feel that it's not compatible with Adobe Photoshop, you can also try other types of graphics software on the market


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