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Here are the 5 Terms for School ICT Teachers

Computer subjects
has been introduced to general school children during grade 6 elementary school. Although like
it does not rule out the possibility that even if the 5th grade students were taught the basics
computer. The purpose of the ICT Subject itself in elementary school students is to
introduce basic functions of a computer. This is not separated
from the development of computer networks in the world, including in Indonesia.

The ultimate goal of Mata
this computer lesson is that students are able to do or make things
according to what has been taught before. Therefore, if we are
see the goals and results to be achieved, then to become an ICT teacher
need to fulfill the following conditions.

1. Have basic competencies

This is a condition
standards set by the government. To become a teacher inside
any field, of course must meet the requirements that have been applied. That matter
also applies to being an ICT Teacher. In general, the most common conditions for being
an ICT teacher is having a related educational background
with ICT too. This means that at least an ICT teacher is a S1 in the field of technology
and Informatics.

Although it does not close
the possibility that Informatics non-technical graduates can become teachers, but there are
more value in the same department. An example is when a problem occurs
computer. A teacher who is a minimum informatics engineering graduate understands
what must be done when the problem occurs and does not have to call
technician to fix it. Another example, if the ICT teacher is a software graduate
engineering, the school does not need to ask other parties to make it
a software. Because, there are already technicians in the school.

2. Understanding the administrative system

The next requirement is
understand the administration system at school. A teacher who is a pure graduate
computer engineering, especially those who have just graduated, will generally feel
difficulty if you have to do school administration. This is considered
naturally because even on campus, students are not taught for science
education. So from that it is necessary to have cooperation between the HR and ICT teachers
this is in completing the administration.

This is different if the teacher
these are computer education graduates, usually teachers who are graduates
computer education is not only taught computer basics and methods
just teaching him, but also taught to take care of the administration

3. Understanding of ICT subject matter for elementary school

Of course this is absolute
to be noticed by you if you want to become an ICT teacher. Material that
taught to elementary students need to be developed in accordance with the local culture of the school
the target is achieved and adjusted to the level of technology as well
facilities in the school. If the sokolah culture is good,
Supported facilities and technology are also good, so targets are achieved
will be more real.

4. Creative and innovative

A great teacher
is a teacher who is able to make students understand the subject matter
has been taught. Each teacher is given freedom in the learning method
as long as it does not violate the rules that have been set. This too
applies to becoming an ICT teacher.

Along with development
computer networks nowadays, then ICT teachers also have creativity as well
innovative so that the students they teach can understand the lesson. Other than that,
creative ICT teachers can maximize the benefits of technology on
his students. That way, the student does not only understand the theory
only, but also able to create something by utilizing technology

5. Understanding the world of children

Teaching elementary school children of course
very different from teaching even middle school, high school or even college students.
To become an elementary school teacher, he must understand it
how is the world of children. Basically the world of children is playing. By
because of that, it needs an atmosphere of learning
a fun and of course learning method with berman will be very effective
to apply. To become a teacher of children, emotions need to be controlled. There can't be any
overflowing anger, emotions and things that actually make a child become
afraid to learn.

To become an ICT teacher in school is a noble task. Being able to educate students to be better is a task that comes from the heart. Therefore, if you want to become an information technology instructor, you can try to study at the University of Informatics Engineering or study at Informatics engineering course . give you many benefits.


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