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Here are the 3 Easy Ways to Insert Podcasts into Spotify

Spotify is one of the most widely used streaming music applications. Special application for this music player has been booming since the last two years. At present, Spotify is not only used for music streaming. Even spotify is often used to listen to podcast straeming.

The popularity of podcasts on
Indonesia itself is inseparable from the proliferation of streaming applications. With
the number of fans who reach hundreds of millions worldwide makes Spotify
so loved by almost all music lovers. For those of you who want to try
upload podcasts to spotify. Try to note the following things.

Make sure you meet the requirements first

Before entering your results
podcasts that you make, make sure you understand what the requirements are from
Spotify. Some of the regulations that must be met are as follows.

1. Audio format in MP3 format

Uploaded audio format
must be in MP3 format and not other types of audio formats. Other than that,
The bitrate used must use the type of bitrate 96 and also the size
a maximum of 320 kbps. To be able to arrange such things, you have to
mastering audio software. You can try various types of devices
free digital audio software that you can get on-site online.

2. The maximum duration of about 83 minutes

In each episode,
the maximum size of uploaded audio is 200MB. If we calculate it in
duration, then the maximum podcast airs for 83 minutes or two more hours
for only twenty minutes.

3. Image in JPEG or PNG

Image used as
podcast covers must be in JPEG or PNG format. Please learn
change JPG to JPEG and also JPG differences
and PNG in image format

4. Using special characters in feed

When doing feed values
podcast, you must pay special attention to the characters approved by
Spotify party. If it violates, then Spotify will immediately delete
podcasts that you created.

5. The title should not be too long

The title must also be given
watch out for. At most, Spotify only provides a limit of up to 20 characters
only. Moreover, your podcast will not be published.

6. Podcast content does not violate the norms of that rule

Certainly the regulations are
most important is the contents of the podcast do not contain SARA, harassment, or infringe copyright. For this rule, it can be said as a rule
commonly used on any type of content.

After you understand
rules that have been made, now we will discuss how to enter
podcast that we have made. Here are the things you should pay attention to.

  • Create a new account for the podcast

If you have previously
register a spotify account, that does not apply if you become a
podcaster or person who creates podcast content. You must create a new account
again as a podcaster. The method is the same as when you register to make
Spotify account, i.e. create a new account.

After you create an account
new, you are also required to fill various personal pages on the podcast
will be made. This personal page is more information about what is content
of the podcast created and aims for what podcasts were made. If it is already
finished, you just have to save it.

  • Select Artists in Spotify

Please note that
after a podcast page has been created, it doesn't mean your podcast is direct
suddenly getting the audience just like that. Podcast accounts that have been created remain
must be promoted and Spotify can help promote podcasts that have already been
You made.

Spotify gave parties
third for you to be able to work together in doing podcast promotion. There
there will be artists to choose from. Artists are called as
podcast aggregator who has indeed collaborated with Spotify.

You must be careful in
choose this aggregator because it can be beneficial or can harm you.
In terms of advantages, podcasts that you create can be found easily
by other people. However, from the loss side is competing with
another podcast. In other words, using this aggregator like

  • Promote to social media

After the podcast is made
has finished, then you should also start promoting it to the media
social. You can do promotions for free through social media
popular today such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media
the other. In this section, Spotify only functions as a facilitator
the sharing process can be easier.

That's how to easily add podcasts to spotify. You could say making podcasts on Spotify is quite easy. The thing you need to pay attention to is looking at the contents of the podcast created. Do not let the content that you have created actually violates the rules that have been made by the Spotify. Hopefully this article can provide many benefits to all readers.


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