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Here are the 10 Best Informatics Engineering Universities in the World Today

The Department of Informatics engineering is currently one of the majors that are quite attractive to prospective students. along with the development of computers and the development of computer networks the need for Informatics engineering graduates was increasingly needed. In Indonesia alone, the Department of Informatics engineering is quite common in various regions both public and private.

Besides Indonesia, there are still many other informatics engineering universities abroad that can be one of your choices. To find out what are the best informatics engineering universities in the world today, following their reviews.

1. National University of Singapore

In our neighboring countries, there are
one of the best informatics engineering universities in the world today. National
The University of Singapore is even one of the best universities in
Asia region version Asia week in 2000. University established since 1905
this has a total of 35,000 students. For average scores
majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems, the value reaches 85.9. That value
in a very good category.

2. Havard University

Almost everyone is generally
know this university. Digadang-gadang as one of the best universities
in the world, Havard indeed often prints the best graduates in his field
each. University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
This union is one of the oldest universities ever in advance
earth, which is since 1636. For the average score of majors at this university
is 88.40.

3. University of Cambridge

One of the universities
the next best is the University of Cambridge. University located at
Cambridge, England is indeed well known for its infrared engineering majors. Thing
this is because the city of Cambridge itself is one of the centers of development
technology in the United Kingdom area. Besides majoring in Informatics, this University
also famous for the best medical faculties in the world. Assessment
the department at the University reached 89.8

4.Carnegie Mellon University

Returning to the United States,
there is another university that is the best in its computer department, Carnegie
Mellon University. This university is located in Pittsburgh, United States
has more than 12,000 students spread across thousands of faculties. University
this was ranked 22nd in the world as one of the universities
best version Times Education for London [19459199].
Uniquely, the graduates have succeeded in establishing their own companies that are scattered in
United States of America. The value achieved by the Carniege Mellon university is

5. University of Oxford

One of the universities that
quite famous in the world. This university is located in Oxford, England too
including universities that are old. Established since 1096, University
Oxford still prints the best graduates, especially for the Engineering field
Informatics. In terms of value, the University of Oxford scored 92.0.

6. Pricenton University

Pricenton University
is the next university that has good quality in the Science department
Computers and Information Systems. The university located in Princeton, New Jersey,
The United States has more than 7,000 students and post-graduate students. Established
since 1746, this university has scored the best graduates in their field
respectively, especially the Informatics Engineering department. Value achieved by
this university is 85.6.

7.ETH Zurich, Switzerland Federal Institute of Technology

ETH Zurich is wrong
one of the best universities in Switzerland. This university has been established since
1854 and owned by the Swiss Confederation government. At this university too
has given birth to a world famous Nobel laureate like Albert
Einstein, Wofgang Pauli, and Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. The score generated from
this university reached 86.3.

University of California [1945970]

University of California
was founded in 1868. The university is located in Berkeley, San
Francisco Bay, the United States has the grandest architecture ever
was created. In addition, the University of California also has majors
featured in the Computer Science and Information Systems program section. Value that is
achieved by this university is 89.8.

9. Stanford University

Best university
next is Stanford University. University built since year
1885 and located in California United States this is a printer
the best graduates in the world of technology. Many graduates from this university
who joined in leading companies in the field of technology such as
Google, HP, Instagram and Snapchat. Scores generated from universities
this reached 93.2.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Finally, University
MIT. Universities that have the best reputation in the field of Informatics Engineering
and this science has been established since 1861. Location
this university is in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. University
MIT also has five schools and one collage that has approximately 32
department that focuses on science and technology studies. Therefore,
it is not surprising that many graduates build moving companies
in the field of Technology to date. The scores generated from this university are

Hopefully this article can provide useful information.


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