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Here are 8 Ways to Overcome Laptop Dead because of Easy Overheat

Often experienced laptops
suddenly died alone ? Of course this makes us upset. Especially if
we are in a hurry to get the work done right away
with a laptop. Many things cause the laptop to die itself. One of
the cause is overheat.

Overheat or if translated can be too hot is a situation when the laptop is hot
excessive exceeds the limit. If the laptop is overheated, it can
certain components will also be damaged. But don't
worry, there are several ways that are done so that laptops don't always die because of
the following overheat.

1. Replace the battery and charger

When the laptop is experiencing
overheat, there are several components affected by the heat effect. One of
the exact part is the battery part. When the laptop is overheating,
will automatically affect battery performance. That is the cause
laptop batteries run out fast . To overcome this, you must
replace it with a new battery. It should be noted that use a battery
which is truly new and not used.

2. Clean the cooler inside the laptop

One of the causes of laptops
Overheating is a laptop cooling system that doesn't work with
well. This could be the cooling system covered by dust. For the way
clean it, you have to disassemble the laptop body. after that clean it
the fan inside the laptop using a brush or cloth. If
the dust blocks the circulation of fan air, immediately clean it.

3. Don't force the laptop for heavy activity

Especially for laptops
standard use, it should not be used too often to open
heavy applications and software such as games, video editing applications, photos, and
the like. You need to know that when a laptop is used to run
games and other heavy programs, then there are components that work hard,
namely RAM, VGA, and Processor. Because
the activity of the three computer components, the laptop gets hot. Therefore,
it is not surprising if the laptop is used to run
the applications will heat up quickly and eventually die suddenly.

4. Always stored in a flat place

Do you often flash
laptop on the bed? It's best to stop the habit. Frequently use laptops on
the mattress can clog the airways on the laptop. air duct
the laptop is on the side or the back of the laptop. the mattress
soft material can cover the air circulation on the laptop.
Therefore, if you want to use a laptop, place it on a flat surface
and hard like a table. That way, the hot air inside the laptop
easily issued.

Even if you still want to
Place the laptop on the mattress so make sure you put the board down
laptop. or, you can use a portable laptop table that can be found at
online shops.

5. Frequently use cooling pad

Take another way
is using a cooling pad when using a laptop. cooling pad function
is as a tool to cool the laptop. now we can
buy cooling pads at different prices. Even so, you are still
must maintain cooling on various types of dust. Also ensure cooling
cleaned so that there is no dirt on the laptop.

6. Use a laptop as needed

When you are finished
using a laptop, you should turn off the laptop. as well as
other electronic items, except servers, laptops may not be used
excessive. Moreover, the laptop has already died due to overheating, then
You could say the performance of the laptop has declined considerably compared to the first time
buy. By using a laptop as needed, this also provides
opportunity for the components to cool down. With that rhythm
the same, then some of the electronic devices will always be stable so that
the possibility of a laptop
sudden death is very small.

7. Check laptop using antivirus

Causes of overheat on
laptops are not always related to the ignition side, there is a virus on the laptop
also can be a trigger for overheating on laptops. try to
often do Antivirus scanning every time you use a laptop. if the virus
still can't be lost, then you have to reinstall it on the laptop.

8. Updating the laptop components

If there are several components
still allows additional memory, then do the component updates. For example
initially using 2GB of RAM, then try adding with 4GB of capacity
with a note that the laptop still supports. Then the VGA card section too, add it
also a VGA card to help the laptop's performance more optimally.

Now we know the solution and the cause of sudden laptop failure . If all the methods above still don't work, then it's better, bring the laptop to your trust service. Recall that the cause of fast laptops was broken [error] generally made by our own mistakes. Always keep the laptop you have because someday, we will need a laptop to complete our work.


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