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Here are 8 Ways to Overcome Broken PC Games for Old PCs

Playing games of course
very nice. Especially nowadays it is not only played through the console
only, but can also be played on PCs and smartphones. Current games
which is generally only for consoles now can also be guaranteed on a PC.

But what if
Which PC do you have low specifications? This thing is very annoying.
Even if we force to play the game, the results are broken even the PC can
happens to hang. But take it easy, by following these tips, you can
play heavy games even though the PC used is old. To find out
following the review.

1. Make updates on hardware parts

The first thing to do is to update
almost all hardware on the PC. If it's the PC you use
already using a hard drive with a capacity of about 1TB (1 Terabyte), then that
It is enough. Now the part that needs to be upgraded is to support the game
weight is RAM
Computer VGA Card and Processor.

RAM is to open the game to make it more smooth. VGA Card Function
is to maximize the appearance of the game on a PC. Whereas [1945910] Processor functions
is to smooth out various aspects of the PC so that when playing the game it becomes
more smooth. Simply renew three components
the computer even heavy games will be easy to play.

2. Using the Overlock method

Inside a PC, there is a feature that is quite helpful in
maximize its performance. This feature is called overlock. This overlock method
can force the computer's ability to maximize its performance. For example
this overlock method can increase speed on even VGA Processors
card. That way, all components are only used for games. in one
this way can indeed improve the smooth running of the game, but on the other hand,
this method can also make the CPU heat up.

3. Use a fan or cooler

As mentioned before that because
all components are only intended for the game to run smoothly, so there are effects
the side, namely overheat. If this overheat is not overcome, then not only
the game just lags or hangs. The PC itself can be damaged. Because of
that, there needs to be a cooler on the PC. The cooler can be a fan
or it can be AC.

4. There are no applications running

In order for the game to play smoothly, you have to
ensure that all applications and software running on the PC have stopped. Thing
this also helps smooth the game when you want to play. If the application
run simultaneously with the game, we can be sure the game will lag or
broken. the way to turn it off is very easy, go to the Task manager
and close applications and software that have large memory consumption.

5. Using High Performance mode

On a computer that uses the Windows Operating System, there is
options aimed at the battery. The name of the choice is High
Performance. Even though the PC does not use battery power, however, the function
this can be used to improve game performance on a PC. It's just, almost
same as the second point, there are side effects must be accepted. If on points
before it can make the PC hotter, in this mode, power
electricity will be more wasteful.

6. Setting Vsync Features

Maybe some people are confused about what they mean
this Vsync feature. Vsync feature can be found on the VGA Card installed. Its function
itself is able to add graphics quality when playing games, or
use graphics-related applications. This feature will be very helpful
if supported with good computer components as in the first point. On the contrary,
this feature will be useless when using computer specifications

7. Using additional applications

There is one application that you can try to add
fluency in playing games. The application is called Game Booster. Application performance
this is to temporarily turn off all applications and software
dijalanka on PC. That way, all PC performance is only aimed at parts
game only. to make it more felt, you should check all applications as well
software running on PC.

8. Graphic settings in the game

The last way is to set graphics when playing
the game. Graphic settings on the low end to mid only so that the performance
computer components don't work too hard because a lot of free memory
can be used for the performance of the game. If you set graphics on
high mode, computer performance only focuses on the graphics, while
other things don't pay attention. As a result, broken performance can

It should be noted that the old PC is not as long as it can withstand game performance continuously. If you can't take care of it, then the computer might be broken quickly.


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