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Here are 8 Camera Specifications for Beginner Photographers Before You Buy It!

Choosing a camera is the same as choosing other electronic items. Moreover
if you have a limited budget, you will definitely get more
be careful when choosing the best camera at a sloping price.

Many people who prefer brands as a primary consideration in
buying an item so that it doesn't mess around with complicated considerations. However
is the brand enough? In fact, brand factors have not guaranteed
the quality of the item is worth buying or not.

If you are still green in the world of photographers and try to find a camera
which is right for use, so you need to look at these mining considerations
before buying it.

1. Number of Megapixels

Number of Megapixels on a
the camera is very influential on the quality of the image produced. On
generally the assumption is the greater the number of megapixels of the camera, the result is
better. Though this assumption is not one hundred percent correct. Because still
many other aspects are considered to be able to produce images
good quality. For the amount alone, 20 Megapikasel is enough
for beginner photographers.


Good photo quality if
using a digital camera has several factors. one of them is ISO.
ISO or ASA itself can be called in photography
a sensor that can capture an object with minimal light. More and more
the high ISO value on the camera is more sensitive and more "bright"
light obtained. This feature is very important to use when you try
photograph at night or in a place that is less light.

3. Memory

Because of using a camera
digital, automatically from the storage side will also be different. This is what becomes
of analog and digital technology . On film cameras use rollers
film as a media storage, then the digtal camera uses a memory card
as a storage medium.

For this part, you have to
choose a camera that has provided memory in it. This is due to
the type of memory card used on the camera is slightly different from the type
others, for example type 1945
memory used on PC . In addition to the type of card, make sure also the amount
memory used, the greater the memory supported, the better the camera
it becomes a choice.

4. Battery

Electronic devices when
this really depends on the quality of the battery. This is also the same on the camera. Moreover
if used for photographers, the battery life is very necessary. By
Therefore, look for batteries with long durability. Apart from endurance,
make sure the camera also supports a spare battery. Because, some cameras exist
batteries that cannot be replaced. That certainly will be very troublesome when
the camera battery runs out while being used.

5.Frames per second / fps

If you want to take pictures
the best moments when animals are running, racing, and things that are
related to speed, fps is very important in the camera. By using
This fps, the resulting image will be very good and there will be no blur
too severe. However, if you only photograph moments that don't
requires fast movement, this fps is not very important.

6. Auto-focus

Auto-focus function on the camera
very important now. With this function, we can photograph on
certain objects when shooting. For the auto-focus side, then you
must pay attention to how many focus points on the camera. Apart from the side
the amount, you also need to pay attention to the speed and accuracy of the function
auto-focus. It is fast and accurate, the auto-focus function is getting better.

7. Video system

Digital cameras today
equipped with a video system inside. This is what you really need for
make video documentation. Plus, right now, photographers
many began documenting their photos on Youtube. That matter
can be a reason
why do people become youtuber

If you want to record
video, make sure also whether the mic used by the camera is of good quality
or not. if it's not good, consider whether it can support
external mic or not. even so, the video on the camera is optional
only and not too important in the photographer section.

8. Support Wireless and GPS

This last point can also be
said to be optional. Same with the previous points, this wireless and GPS function
will greatly facilitate you when moving the results of photos or videos to
Internet. However, it is generally a camera
who use wireless or GPS the price is quite high. If you have
limited budget, try to reconsider.

After looking at the specifications above, now it's back to you to adjust your budget. if you really want to be a professional photographer, then make sure that the camera you get meets the standard or even exceeds the specifications previously described. However, if you are still learning to do photography, then a standard digital camera is enough to be used as a learning tool. Hopefully this article can be one of the best references for you.


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