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Here are 7 Ways to Work Mesh Topology in Computer Networks

Mesh is a type of topology
computer network which is quite widely used by several users. In a manner
outline, Mesh Topology is one method for connecting
computer network using patterns such as nets. Network connection pattern
built by Mesh Topology includes the existence of workstations, hubs, servers
and a number of other network hardware.

Generally, Mesh network topology types are often used
on an ATM machine or Automatic Teller Machine, online games, Social Media,
and much more. If you are curious as to how Mesh works
this, following the review.

1. Device

The first characteristic is each other's devices
connected to each other. By connecting devices simultaneously, then
we can send or receive data or message simultaneously. Example
just like this, there are 10 computers in a room. By using
Mesh Topology method, we can receive data and messages from any computer
as long as they are connected to one network.

2. If
there is a problem with one computer, it will not affect other computers

One of the advantages of using this Mesh Topology method
is if you experience problems on one computer, then the process of sending data
keep running as usual. For example, when you use a computer "A"
then sends data to all computers. However, the computer "B" is damaged, the data is still sent
on all computers except the computer "B". This is certainly easier for users
to spread media without having to rely on one computer.

3. Not
using intermediaries

Devices that use the Mesh topology method do not
using intermediaries or terms in a network is called dedicated links. With
in the absence of this intermediary, each device can send data in time
the same time. You can see this when sending instant messages or
chat. If you send a message at that time, the message will
immediately sent at that time.

4. More and more
many devices, the more complex the network

You could say, this is a weakness of using
mesh topology. The more devices installed, the more complicated
network construction. This is due to network settings that must be
pinned on each device. That way, as mentioned
on the previous point that if there is one device that has a problem, then
other devices don't experience the effect. This is due to network factors

5. Not
there is a client server

Because each device is connected to each other,
then there is no known client or server. As we know that
the client concept is to receive data sent from the server. Whereas at
server, the task is to receive what commands the client needs.

This is different from the way the mesh topology works. On
this network system, each device acts as a client and server
at once. That is, any device does not have to wait or ask permission
from the server.

6. Use
peer to peer network

Still related to the previous point, type
computer network used in Mesh Topology is the Peer to Network
Peer. The meaning of peer to peer networks is the absence of a device as a server.
In addition, the Peer to Peer Network requires maximum use of fruit
device only for communication. Therefore, one of the characteristics
this mesh topology has two or has port 1 / O.

7. Not
a data collision occurred even though the transmission was quite large

One of the characteristics of Mesh Topology is no
there was a data flow crash despite the data delivery process from several
very massive device carried out. This is certainly an advantage
alone compared to using other topological methods.

From the work method reviewed, we can see that this mesh topology is very suitable for the use of a large number of devices. What's more, this topology concept does not depend on just one device. In addition, this topology can also guarantee the confidentiality and security of data from a large number of devices.

Even so, the concept of Mesh toplogi also has
how many drawbacks such as having to use a lot of cable, and the amount
the device must also be a lot. In addition, the treatment must also be maintained
so that communication between networks remains solid and not easily broken.

Therefore, this topology is very suitable for work that requires a large number of users so that the performance of this topology can be maximized. Hopefully this article can provide great benefits to all readers.


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