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Here are 7 Ways to Work Hybrid Topology in Computer Networks

Speaking of computer network systems, we are talking about a computer network topology . Topology in building a network of many types. Starting from a simple topology to using a more complex topology. One of the complicated topologies that are widely used in several places is Hybrid Topology.

For those of you who haven't
know what hybrid topology is, broadly speaking, hybrid topology is
the combination of several existing topologies into a large network. Combined
the topology includes topology
star topology
mesh topology
tree and several other topologies.
To find out how the hybrid topology works, the following reviews.

1. Use the working concept of two or more topologies

Because it is a combination
of two or more network topologies, then automatic, this hybrid network
use the work concept of the network topology that is put together. However,
to be able to become a hybrid topology, it must combine two types of topologies
different. If you combine the same type of topology, it cannot be called
hybrid topology.

Examples like this, if
The bus topology is combined with the bus topology, so the results remain the bus topology and
not a hybrid topology. It is different if the merger includes the bus topology
and tree topology for example, the combination can be said to be topology

2. Does not interfere with the flow of the network even though there is
problematic device

This is not much different
with mesh topology. By using hybrid topology, the network flow from
various types of computers remain smooth even though there are several computers
having a problem. This goes back to the first point, namely, hybrid topology
use the working concept of the topology used. this topology can be said
very efficient and flexible to use so as not to disturb the device

3. Adjust network settings as needed

Network concepts use
This hybrid topology makes it possible to adjust the network flow accordingly
with user needs. For example. if the user wants the working concept on
bus topology, then. Bus topology is used. If you want to combine concepts
working bus topology and tree topology, it can also be used
anytime. In other words, the concept of hybrid topology can be customized accordingly
with network requirements.

4. Adding a new device is easier

If the user adds
new devices in hybrid network topologies, this is easy
done without having to overhaul the existing device arrangement. Thing is done enough
installing the new device by installing its IP address. Automatically
the device can be used properly.

5. Can be installed in different network environments

Application of network is not
can be done carelessly. Many factors must be considered for networking
computers can run easily. One of them is the number of cables that are
used and the number of devices to be connected. By using topology
hybrid, then network installation can be done on network conditions
different. For example, if there are two floors that have many
computer and has a different scientific system, then the use of topology
hybrid is very helpful.

6. Data flow does not experience obstacles despite using
different topology

This hybrid topology
Allows data flow not to collide with each other despite using topology
different networks. This is because of the hybrid topology
combining different network concepts, but network traffic
used still use their respective concepts. That's what makes it
Hybrid networks are the best solution for those of you who want a concept
complex network.

7. Easy network transfer

This section is almost the same
with the second point, that network expansion is easy to do as long as there is none
problem with the part of the device. This is because of the network system
used is very flexible and can be tampered with to be easy to operate. Besides
that, network transfer is determined by the network topology used in
hybrid topology.

That's how topology works
hybrid in computer networks. If we see how the system works
who works using this topology, it can be said that this system is very
suitable for computer networks in a considerable amount. Moreover, various
[1945911] excess
hybrid topology is very flexible and supports a combination of two types
different topologies so that the performance of network traffic becomes more

Even so, topology
there are also weaknesses. Especially in terms of costs and network installation. From
the cost side of course, the price must be paid in large quantities. Build
just one topology network is big enough especially a hybrid system
combine both.

Whereas on the side
installation is not easy. User must
ensure that the network and devices used are ready. The point
This network topology is very suitable for networks that are indoors
which is quite extensive and used in large quantities. Hopefully this article can
provides benefits to all readers.


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