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Here are 6 Whatsapp Hidden Features that are rarely known

Whatsapp is wrong
one instant message that is very widely used by Indonesian people in
communicate. This application was chosen because it presents several interesting features
so widely used from students to office employees. However,
of the many features used by users, there are still not
find out what are the hidden features in whatsapp, to find out
more clearly, following his review.

1. Starred messages

Inside the whatsapp application
this, there is one feature that is almost similar to Gmail inboxes. You can
starring incoming messages. The function of this star itself
is a marker of certain messages. That way, if you want
read a very important message, this star feature is very useful.

How to use it too
very easy. First enter the intended incoming message. After that,
Choose which messages to mark. If you have found it, hold the message
until a block mark appears. Look at the top and select the icon
star shaped. That way, the message can already be saved. In order to
see messages that have been marked with a star, you can see again
by touching the three dots at the top
and select starred messages. There you will see various message shortlist
who have received stars.

2. Bold, italic, and strikethrough

Some people have not
find out if in the message whatsapp message, we can add effects
writing such as bold type, italics or scribbles as in the effect
writing in Microsoft Word. This writing effect is quite interesting and adds
variations on writing when messages are sent.

How to show effect
we can enter the codes as follows. For print
bold, use the star code (*) at the beginning of a word or sentence and at the end of a word
or sentence. So, when you type * test *, the writing will print
thick. As for italics, you just add the underline at the beginning
and the end of words and sentences. Finally, you can use the strikethrough effect
by adding a tilde (~) to the beginning and end of words and sentences.

3. See the message details

for those of you who are curious
whether the message sent has been read or not, we usually get it
see it in the checklist color section. If it's gray and only one fruit
only, it means that the message was sent but has not been received. While the meaning of two
Checklist is gray, then the message is sent but has not been read. And last
is a checklist of two pieces and is blue, so it indicates
the message has been read.

But you don't know when
he reads the message we sent. Well, to find out, there is one
easy way to do, namely by holding the message that you have sent. After
hold and a block appears, press the dot in the right corner and press
info. In the info, you can see several details of the message sent
from what time until the order is read what time.

4. Turn off group notifications

Sometimes we are interrupted
by certain group notification sounds on Whatsapp. Well, if you don't
want to turn off the notification tone on the smartphone, you can turn off
notifications for certain contacts or certain groups. The method itself
quite easily, first you look for groups that are considered annoying. After that,
hold the group until a block appears. Look at the top there
a speaker icon that is crossed out, you just select the icon. Will later
The option "Mute Notifications" with varying durations appears. There is
only eight hours and even up to one more year. After you
successfully select it, you just press "OK" and all group notifications
will die.

5. Hiding time online

Sometimes we also want to be seen or contacted by several users on Whatsapp. Well, on Whatsapp, we can hide the online status so that we cannot be contacted by others.

The way is easy enough by going into "Settings" then open "Account / after that, go to the" Privacy "section. In it, you can choose three choices, whether for "contact list" only, "everyone", or "not at all".

6. Turn off read alerts

The last feature that can be of benefit to you is that alerts are read. This also includes privacy and is enough to make us give a mysterious impression to the sender of the message.

The way to turn off this blue check mark goes first to the Settings section. After that, go to the "Account" section and select the "privacy" section. In it, you go to the "Read Receipts" section and remove the check mark in it. That way, other people will not know whether the message you have read or not.

Those are 6 hidden Whatsapp features that are not widely known by many people and many other information. hopefully it can be useful.


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