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Here are 6 Ways to Work Ring Topologies in Computer Networks

computer networks have made many people use computers
in their daily lives. Especially if many computers are used in one
room and must be connected to each other. Such a thing makes topology
computer network is very much needed.

In a topology
network, many types are used depending on how much and complicated
computer used. the purpose of making a network topology is to
make it easier for technicians to create new networks or predict costs
issued sata connecting computer. One of the topology networks ever
used is Ring Topology. What is it Topology
Ring ?

In short, Ring Topology is
one type of network topology that has a shape like a ring or
circle. This topology has only one network. data package used
must pass through several computers before finally being able to get to the most computers
end. So from that, this system is called a ring or ring topology
or it can also be called a circle.

If you want to see
what does this Ring Topology work like, following its review.

How the Ring Topology Works

If you see an explanation that
already mentioned above, we can guess what the workflow looks like. On
Basically, each computer is connected to each other. One computer
served as a node and several computers served as repeaters. Repeater
it is tasked with providing signal strengthening for each node. To know
more clearly, can be seen in the following order.

1. Every computer is connected to each other

As is already the case
alluded to earlier that the working system in the Ring topology version is
connecting computers without interruption. It should be underlined that each
these interconnected computers, using the same network. If using
different networks, the data transfer process will experience difficulties.

2. Data transmission is only done at one point

The easiest example
like this, there are five computers given the initials "A"
arrived at the computer "E". If you want to send data from a computer "A" to a computer
"C", then the data must stop first to the computer "B" to be able
sent to the computer "C", and vice versa if you want to send data
the same.

3. Data transmission is only one direction

As already mentioned
beforehand that sending data from computer "A" to computer "C" must
done step by step. Plus, data transmission can only be done
done in one direction only. Examples like this, if you use a computer
"E" and want to send to the computer "A". Still, you have to send
data sequentially from the computer "D", "C", until later it reaches
computer "A".

4. Damage to one computer, data also failed to send

One of the weaknesses
quite fatal by using this topology system is the difficulty of sending data
when one computer is damaged. Just an example like this. you
send data from computer "E" to computer "B". But the computer "C"
damaged, automatically, data cannot be sent. So is
if the computer that has been damaged is not from its path, the data is still not
can be sent. For example, with the same case, but that computer
damage comes from the computer "A", then the data will still not
can be sent even if it does not pass through the computer.

5. Computers that can send messages have tokens

Maybe you think that
every computer that uses this ring topology concept can send
message. In fact, not all computers can send messages at will. Computer
which can send data or messages is an existing computer
token. Token here the concept is similar to admin on a website. That is,
computers that have these tokens have access to be able to send data
and messages to other computers.

6. Tokens can be changed by adding IP addresses

Every computer has an ID
Different addresses. To be able to get tokens, then one computer
who gets the token must send the data to the destination address. Of course
must go through stages in sequence. After getting the token that originates
from a computer token, the computer can send data or messages

That's how the ring topology works in computer networks. The advantages and disadvantages of Ring Topology can be seen from how it works. The main advantage of this type of topology lies in the ease of installation. Plus, from the cost side it is also quite cheap.

But from
the disadvantages, the process of data used is quite complicated. Especially for
get the desired data must go through various other computers
before it can be accepted. This actually makes enough time
long time ago.

Therefore, topology
This ring has been considered difficult to apply today. Some networks
the computers used today are more of a topology type
star and tree topology. Hopefully this article can be a reference
best for you.


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