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Here are 6 Ways to Easily Clean a Sticky Laptop Casing

A laptop is an electronic device that is currently available
become one of the daily needs. Technological developments in the middle
society makes people more literate with electronic devices.

Unfortunately, some people are often indifferent to care
laptop. For example, the laptop casing becomes sticky when touched. Many factors
which causes the laptop casing to become sticky. Generally it is as follows.

  • Used
    striker patch
  • Remaining
  • Used
  • Affected
    glue material

To get rid of it, you can try the steps
the following.

The first and easiest way to do this is to use
eucalyptus oil. Generally, eucalyptus oil is often used to warm or overcome itching on
body. For electronic goods, eucalyptus oil is often used
as a cleaning up
Dirty cellphones [1945911] and also cleaned laptop screens . For the way
use this wood oil, according to the steps.

  1. Prepare
    eucalyptus oil, soft cloth or cotton
  2. Pour
    Eucalyptus oil on cotton or cloth to taste.
  3. Rubbing
    on the laptop casing that feels sticky.
  4. If
    already, let it sit for one minute so that the sticky part can get
    mixed with oil.
  5. After
    one minute, use the cotton again with a little emphasis so that part is
    sticky can be lifted.
  6. After
    the casing doesn't feel sticky, use a dry cloth to dry the casing
  7. Complete.

The second method is to use tape or duct tape. If
the first method still fails, so you can try this second method.
the type of selopit or duct tape used is a large type. Because, with type
a large, sticky material can be easily retrieved. To find out the steps,
follow the following.

  1. Prepare
    masking tape or duct tape with a large size
  2. Cut it
    masking tape or duct tape used just enough.
  3. After
    attach it to the part of the casing that feels sticky.
  4. Rub it
    slowly but there is pressure.
  5. Pull it out
    the sticky tape will stick to the sticky tape or
    the duct tape.
  6. If
    not lifted, re-stick the tape or tape and repeat as
    third point.

The next method is to use coconut oil. Similar to
eucalyptus oil, the slippery texture makes sticky stains stick to it
the casing can be lifted easily. To find out the following method
the review.

  1. Prepare
    coconut oil, cotton, and soft cloth
  2. Basting
    just enough cotton with coconut oil.
  3. After
    that, apply on the laptop casing that has sticky stains.
  4. Let it stand
    for about three minutes.
  5. After
    three minutes, the next step is to use cotton to scrape the sticky stain
    with a little energy.
  6. If
    the sticky stain is gone, then use dry cloth
    laptop casing back clean.
  7. Finished

For women who often use nail polish, acetone
maybe it's no stranger. Acetone is a substance that is often used
to remove nail polish. This liquid can cause itching and
dry skin. Therefore, you must use it carefully. For the way
use it is as follows.

  1. Prepare
    acetone, cotton, and dry cloth
  2. Pour
    just enough acetone liquid in cotton
  3. Apply
    on the casing with sticky stains.
  4. After
    that, let stand for three minutes so that the acetone liquid works properly.
  5. After
    a few minutes, use a dry cloth to clean the sticky stains on

one of these kitchen spices can also be used as a
material to remove sticky stains on the laptop casing. Acidic substances
contained in it is able to lift
sticky substance that attaches to an object, including a laptop. For the way
do it, following the steps.

  1. Prepare
    vinegar, cotton and cotton cloth.
  2. Pour
    enough vinegar on the cotton provided.
  3. Apply
    on the laptop casing that feels sticky stains.
  4. Let it stand
    for just over two minutes.
  5. After
    two minutes, use a cotton cloth so that the sticky stain can be separated from the casing

The last tool you can use is to use
glass cleaning liquid. This liquid is specifically used for cleaning
glass with stains or dirt. Even so, liquid
this can also be used to clean your laptop casing. Following are the steps.

  1. Prepare
    the glass cleaning fluid (either in spray or in the form of a cream),
    cotton, dry cloth.
  2. If
    in the form of spray, spray on the laptop casing that has stains
    sticky. If it is in the form of a cream, pour it on a cotton pad and apply it on
  3. After
    wait for about five minutes for the substance to react.
  4. If
    it has passed five minutes, the next step is to clean it with a cloth

Hopefully it will benefit.


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