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Here are 6 Ways to Easily Clean a Laptop Keyboard that is Jammed

The keyboard is one of the devices
computer hardware which is very important. Keyboard functions
is to enter various commands into the CPU so the results can
seen on the monitor. Examples like the way
turn off the laptop with the keyboard . However, because of this one device
often used, it is not uncommon for problems to come easily.

One of the events that often occurs on the keyboard
is the button stuck. The purpose of the jam here is that no letters appear
desired when pressing the button. Many factors cause buttons
the keyboard becomes jammed like there are traces of food going in between
keyboard, dirt, dust, etc. To overcome this,
following the solution.

1. Restore

The first way is to turn the keyboard on
laptop. the goal is that dirt can come out easily. For the way
doing it is also very easy. First, make sure the laptop is turned off. After
that, turn the laptop around while shaking it. If the dirt still can't
exit, try typing the keyboard key like typing in general. With
that way, dirt can come out more easily.

2. Using
brush make up tool

If the first one is still difficult to remove dirt,
then you can use the second method. This method is to use the device
unused makeup brush. This tool is an alternative method for
can clean various kinds of tools, including the keyboard.

For the process, first make sure the laptop is inside
dead state. After that, turn over the laptop. Use the brush tool already
prepared beforehand. Swipe on the keyboard, especially in parts
in between. Keep doing it repeatedly until the dirt
completely out of the keyboard.

3. Using
Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Now there is a tool that can clean
various kinds of dirt around the laptop keyboard. This is certainly very
practical and from the side the price is quite economical. The mini vacuum cleaner
indeed designed to clean the keyboard on laptops and netbooks.

The way to do it is quite easy. Unlike points
previously you have to turn your laptop or laptop in a dead state. In section
this, the laptop can be turned on as usual. After that, plug in the vacuum cable
cleaner on the USB port on the laptop. if you have a power bank, you can too
use it as a resource. After that, turn on the "On" button and vacuum
mini cleaner is ready for use. Aim the vacuum cleaner on the keyboard keys
who experience congestion.

4. Use
Hair Dryer

If using a mini vacuum cleaner is still lacking
effective, then you can try using another method, which is using hair
dryer. Tools that are actually used to dry this hair can be
additional options for cleaning the laptop keyboard. However, for use
the hair dryer should not be too long on the laptop. cause, the heat
resulting hair dryer can damage
laptop components.

For how to do this, make sure the laptop is in a state
die and its position is reversed. After that, turn on the hair dyer and
point to the keyboard. Automatic various impurities will come out from the sidelines
keyboard. Try not to use the hair dryer too long.

5. Open
laptop keyboard

The next way is to open the laptop keyboard
if you are already proficient at dismantling laptops. dismantling the laptop keyboard is necessary
special skills. Because if it's wrong to dismantle it, it's not impossible
there will be a part that can't run properly.

For how to open the laptop keyboard first make sure the laptop is turned off. After that remove the battery. Remove the screw that covers the RAM portion of the computer using a screwdriver. If so, remove the bolt locking part of the keyboard using a plus (+) screwdriver. After opening, turn the laptop around.

Release the keyboard locking clip located at the top of the keyboard. If you have trouble opening it, use tweezers. After the clip is released, the keyboard can be lifted easily. In this section you must be careful. This is where you can clean the dirt.

6. Squeeze
keyboard button

If the previous method was too risky to do, then you
can try the last way. Not like the previous point you have to
disassemble all keyboards. This one method only opens one button
who are considered to have a traffic jam.

For this one method, the first laptop must be in
dead state. Knock down the keyboard keys that you think are problematic with
use nails or other hard objects. Try to be careful
the component is not damaged or broken. if it's preloaded, use it
pump or blown so that the dirt can be lifted. After that, brush or tool
used make up brush to clean the inside. After the dirt
already raised, re-enter the keyboard button. Press until it appears
"click" sound. If so, the work has been completed.

Hopefully it can be useful.


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