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Here are 6 Characteristics of VGA Mining Mining Must Be Understood Before Buying It

Bitcoin, a virtual money that is quite interesting
person. Bitcoin mining activities became quite phenomenal in a few
this past year. one thing that gives many people an interest in
doing so is from the side of the exchange value which keeps increasing
everyday. In other words, the more bitcoin is obtained, then
more likely to get coffers
big financials too. Bitcoin itself can be used as a
shop tools at online stores, play online games, and various transactions
other online.

In order for bitcoin to continue to grow, of course bitcoin mining is needed
or if translated the same as mining bitcoin. To be able to do
bitcoin mining, we need some things that must be prepared with
mature. First computer device, application
bitcoin miners and internet networks.

Especially for computer devices, there is one device that can
affect the income of bitcoin namely VGA, specifically the VGA card. VGA card function
the truth is as a component of the computer to display graphics applications and software as much as possible. Example
only, when you play a game or open related software
with graphics, it will look better and smoothly used if
use the best VGA card.

Well, besides being used for that, the VGA card can also be used as a
media for bitcoin mining. Because, many believe that using VGA
cards are the best method for doing bitcoin mining. However, because
mining bitcoin activities really need a little automatic time
computer performance must continue to run even up to 24 hours nonstop. Thing
that's one of the causes of VGA broken
easy to find.

For those of you who want to buy used VGA, you need to be aware of VGA
used mining. Because, VGA used mining
has a lower quality and has the potential to be easily damaged. Therefore
that, to find out, the following VGA mining features that you need

1. Check the VGA card

If you prefer to buy used VGA online, then
make sure you make transactions in COD or Cash in Delivery. Such that
It has been mentioned before that former mining VGA cards must be looked at
directly and also directly examined. Check where the conditions are
The VGA card is still smooth or there are some parts that have been scratched.

2. The VGA card is hot and fast

Still related to the first point, it would be better if you for
use the VGA card while still with the seller. Try using it
VGA is hot or not fast. After that, look at the performance
whether it runs slowly or still shows maximum speed. If
The VGA card is hot fast and slow, so you can be sure the VGA is used

3.BIOS in circumstances
modding mining

Note also the BIOS part of the graphics card. Make sure the BIOS is on
The VGA card is still in the normal state. If on the graphic card
there is modding mining in the BIOS section, so the VGA might be
used mining.

4. There are several lines
bulging circuit

Try also to check the PCB VGA section is there
some groove circuits that bulge or not. On a frequent VGA card
mining will be very visible there are bubbles in the section
the circuit. The bubble is obtained because of the effect of overheating
used for mining.

5. Socket pin power
there is melt

This must also be carefully examined by you. Try to check the socket pin power section. if you do not understand the socket, it can be seen on the six or eight pins found on VGA. Check carefully whether there are melt marks or not. Melt occurs because of the heat flow caused by mining activities.

6. There are signs of artifacts
graph [1945919]

For this section, it must be checked directly on the computer. For
do it, then you have to do a benchmark and stress test on the VGA card
for half an hour. The goal is to find out if there are signs
graphic artifacts or not on the VGA card. If there is, then VGA
it was once used for mining.

Indeed, to buy an item, especially a second hand, it needs extra attention and precision. If you make a mistake in buying any items, you will get a big loss.

Therefore, if you want to buy VGA types
good and high-quality card you have to understand VGA features are broken
so you don't get fooled by cheap prices. this is not only
applies to used goods only. New items must also be considered too
carefully. Hopefully this article can benefit you all.


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