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Here are 4 Ways to Get Rid of Fungus on HP Metal Body The easiest

Smartphone devices are now a mandatory tool for some
person. We can see around us quite a lot of people using it
these devices of various ages. In fact, not a few are
use this smartphone in various places.

Unfortunately, some people do not realize or tend to be ignorant of
care of the smartphone itself. For example, like the growth of fungi in the body
back. The emergence of fungi in the body is generally found on smartphones
often use cases made of rubber.

Then how do you clean the mushrooms on a body made of metal? For
know the answer following the review.

Besides being used to protect our skin from insect bites
and warms the body, eucalyptus can also be used as a way
clean dirty cellphone . Generally dirt like food sticks to,
mushrooms, sticker marks, or other patches are easily removed
this eucalyptus oil. You can try the steps to clean the following.

  1. Prepare eucalyptus oil. You can buy it at
    the nearest stalls using various brands.
  2. Also prepare tissue that is not easily torn or used
    microfiber cloth that is often used to clean glasses. If it is
    You don't have one, you can use a soft cloth.
  3. Put eucalyptus oil on a tissue or microfiber cloth
    just enough.
  4. Gently rub on the smartphone part of the smartphone
    also slightly suppressed.
  5. Do it repeatedly until the node can be lifted
    all. If the stain hasn't been lifted, don't rub it too much. Simply drop it
    return eucalyptus oil to the cloth and rub it again as in the initial point.
  6. If you have done cleaning, then it is
    use a dry cloth to perfect it.
  7. If the screen looks dirty, you should clean it
    also using tissue or cloth that has been dripped with eucalyptus oil.
  8. Done, the sound of your smartphone has now been cleared of mold.
  • Using Hand Sanitizer

The next way you can try is using a hand sanitizer. Generally
This hand sanitizer is often used to clean our hands after
eat or get dirt. This liquid turns out to be used for cleaning
kesing smartphone without damaging the components. Plus, a hand sanitizer too
used as a way
clean dirty color HP cases . For the steps you can
you try the following.

  1. Prepare a tissue that is not easily torn or microfiber cloth and
    hand sanitizer.
  2. You can buy hand sanitizers at various supermarkets
    closest to varying prices.
  3. If both are ready, drop the hand sanitizer liquid
    on a microfiber cloth or using a tissue that is not easily torn.
  4. Apply and apply a little pressure to the part of the ching
    who has fungus.
  5. Apply for several times until the stain disappears.
  6. If the stain is gone, use a cloth or dry tissue.
    to tidy up the still wet kesing.
  7. Now your smartphone is clean and of course fragrant.

It turns out we can also use toothpaste to clean the urine.
smartphone. Toothpaste can clean mild stains
to be quite strong. In fact, pasta ggi can also be used as a method
clean the yellowed white HP casing . For the steps, you can
follow the following.

  1. Prepare toothpaste, soft cloth and used toothbrush.
  2. Remove the smartphone you are using. if not
    you can, then cover the screen using a soft cloth.
  3. Take the toothpaste to the top of the cellphone to taste
  4. After that, rub the clove with a toothbrush
    used scars slowly but with little emphasis.
  5. If the kesing part is clean, use a cloth
    wet to clean the remaining toothpaste. Try to be careful not to use fluids
    enter important components in the smartphone.
  6. If it is clean, dry it using a dry cloth. Make sure
    smartphone is really dry.
  7. Next is to silence the smartphone or plug it in
    back to the smartphone if it's completely dry.

Besides being used for materials
food, who would suggest if baking soda can be used for
clean the stain on the smartphone. For how to use it, you can try it
follow these steps.

  1. Prepare baking soda, water, used toothbrushes, and cloth
    soft one.
  2. Mix baking soda with a little water and stir until
    evenly distributed.
  3. If baking soda has turned into pasta, then
    apply it to the smartphone case with the fungus.
  4. Use an old toothbrush to rub it, do it
    slowly and slightly there is emphasis.
  5. If the stain has been lifted, then clean it
    kesing using a cloth that has been moistened before.
  6. Wipe until the crisp is completely clean.
  7. Use a dry cloth to remove the former liquid and
    let it sit for a while.
  8. When kesing is dry, the smartphone is ready to be used again.

That's how to remove
mushrooms in HP's metal body are the easiest. Hopefully this article can provide


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