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Here are 4 ways to easily convert JPG to JPEG

JPG and image formats
JPEG is currently the standard image format that has been applied to
some standard photo files. This can be seen when opening photo files
on computers, laptops, smartphones, even digital cameras. Sometimes, we too
want to change several formats from JPG to JPEG or in image format
the other. Now, to facilitate this, we will discuss the easiest ways
to format JPEG images to
the following JPG section.

1. Using the default Windows editing program

Usually, in the system
Operating Windows, there is already a default application that can edit image files.
An example of this program is Paint. Whereas on the Mac Operating System,
there is a program called Preview. Both of these programs make it easy indeed
users to be able to edit image files or change or
convert JPG to JPEG or other image formats.

The method itself is quite easy,
first enter an image editing program such as Paint on Windows
or Preview on a Mac system. If so, then open the picture with
how to click File then Open. The same way is done both through Windows
or Mac. After the image has opened, next is to click "File"
back then select "Save as".

This is where we can only
choose the image format that we want. Do you want to change the image to
JPEG version or other version. after that, change the name and then choose a place
saved image conversion results. You can also adjust the image quality from
the smallest to the best quality. Of course this will have an effect on
the size of the image. The better the picture quality, the greater
its size. If you have just click "OK" and wait for the conversion process
done. If so, the image has been successfully converted.

2. Using an online image conversion program

For this one, you must
use the internet to be able to convert images. Currently
there are already many online applications that we can use for free. Example
just compresjpeg.com or freefileconvert.com. there you can
do a lot of image conversion with other formats very easily.

For your own way
can visit one of the sites previously mentioned. For example
we visit compressjpeg.com. There we just upload the appropriate file
with a desire whether to convert in JPEG, PNG or PDF. If it is already
know which file to choose, next you just upload
file as you wish. Next is to wait for the file upload
done. when it's finished, then you just download the file that has been converted
and you have successfully converted the file.

The second site is
freefileconvert.com. there you can also convert images from
JPG to JPEG or other file formats. the method itself is easy enough, you can
do three ways to input files ie upload from a computer, do
insert file links, or upload files from the cloud version. If you choose
upload from the computer, then the next is the input file from the computer. After
that, you choose the desired output format. The advantages of this site
is that we can convert files in many formats. Starting from
convert to audio, movies, files, images, etc. If you have chosen the type
the desired output, then all you have to do is click convert and
wait until the process is complete. if the process is complete, the file is now done
successfully converted,

3. File conversion via smartphone

You can also do
Image conversion using a smartphone cellphone. Especially in the Play Store and Apple
Store has many applications that can be used for image conversion
from JPG to JPEG or other formats. For example, the Image file application
Format Converter. All you need to do is just download it and
run the application. There you can just change the picture on the smartphone
and do the conversion. If so, the image has been successfully changed in format.

4. Using Photoshop

If you have
Photoshop application, you can also convert images with more
quick. as is well known that Photoshop is one
the most popular image editing application at the moment. therefore, we too
easy to convert images as you wish.

The method itself is quite easy,
first we open the Photoshop application that is owned. After that,
open the image that we will convert the format. If so, next is
save the file with the format "Save as". There you can only change
file format as you wish.

That's how to change jpg to
jpeg easily. You can also try a few other references like more
either JPEG or JPG notions of JPG differences
JPG and JPEG and many others. I hope this article can
help you.


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