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Here are 3 Ways to Clean a Laptop from a Junk File Permanently

When you are often
using a laptop, of course you often see memory capacity in the C folder
continue to increase. Even though you rarely install new applications, but why things
can that happen?

Most likely on
C folder has piled up junk files. These junk files occur because of
our activities when using a laptop. For example, when we work
a document, playing games, listening to music, and surfing the world
virtual. Every time we do this activity, a garbage file will be created.

There are several ways to do it
these junk files can be removed from the laptop. Following are the steps.

  • Utilizing the "Run" function

There are general ways you don't need to use the application.
and software to delete junk files. The function is called "Run". This way
calculated quite easily because it can delete various files that are not
needed such as temporary files, cache files, cookie files, and files
history in the browser.

The first step is to type "Windows" and "R"
on the keyboard. If successful, a box called "Run" will appear. After
that, in the search box, just type "% temp%" then enter. If it succeed,
You will be directed to Windows Explorer which contains temporary files. The next step
is you just delete the files. Neither do you delete it
need one on one, just use the combination "CTRL + A" and press "delete". Then
all files will be deleted.

The second step is to return to the "Run" menu and times
this type "Temp". If successful, it will appear as before.
for this part also the same as the previous step, which is to delete all files
inside it. If administrator access rights appear, just click "Continue".

The last step is to go to the "Prefetch" file. Back
to the "Run" menu and type "Prefetch". the way is the same as the steps
previous. Delete all files in the "Prefetch" folder.

  • Make use of it
    Windows Disk Cleanup

Another way is to use Windows Cleanup. Its function
it was indeed designed to clean up junk files inside the computer
or laptop. This system will be available when you install the System
Windows Operation [1945912]

The way to do it is quite easy. Go to
Windows Explorer and right-click on Drive C. After that, click "Properties"

And look at the "Disk Cleanup" button on the "General" tab. After
find it just click and the system will launch it. After the analysis process
finished, several files will be deleted. Just click everything
the file and click "OK". Later the system will delete the file that has been checked.
After that, all junk files in the C folder will be deleted.

Ccleaner is one of the software to clean
garbage on a computer or laptop. Its use is easy, light, however
effective in removing junk files on the computer makes the Ccleaner a lot
used by users. Besides removing junk files, Ccleaner can also
used to uninstall applications on a computer or laptop.

To use it, you can simply download the application on
internet and install on the laptop. no need to worry about the size
because it is quite small. After being installed, then open the software and
click "Analyze". Wait a while until the analysis process is complete. if
it's finished, you just click "Run Cleaner" and all files can be obtained
erased everything. It's easy, isn't it?

Aside from cleaning the application's junk files, we also have to
delete files contained in the register. File in this register
are files that when installing a game, software, or application
inside a laptop or computer. Usually this register file is not deleted when
You uninstall games, applications and software.

For how to delete them, re-open the Ccleaner software
then select the "Registry" tab. After that, click "Scan for Issues". After that,
leave it until the analysis process is complete. if it is, then it is
click "Fix Selected Issues". Later a pop-up will appear stating the need
existence of Backup, just click "No". Later a popup will appear regarding the details
file to be deleted. Click "Fix Issues" and select "Close". Therefore
Registry files will be permanently deleted.

You need to know that junk files that accumulate are the cause of slow laptops when used. The methods described are also a method of accelerating the performance of laptops that are often slow.

Therefore, you should often get used to checking junk files that are in the laptop at least once a week. That way, the performance will remain maximal and will not experience significant problems. Hopefully this article can provide benefits.


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