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Guide to Managing Spaces in Word 2010 (For Beginners)

Documents become one of the important tasks that must be completed. Why? Because in any field and in any industry, documents become one of the media that stores various data in accordance with the purpose and type of the document.

So the grouping of documents is needed to facilitate the search for documents when needed. To support the document to be neat and easy to see when reading, the document must be standardized to the details.

This can be started from the font used, how to number even to the spaces used in making documents. Things that are trivial when left alone will be complicated at the end, because they have to standardize everything.

Guide to Managing Spaces in Word 2010

Formatting is easy to do, and is often ignored because it is considered not important. To simplify how to set spaces in a document, let's look at a few steps from how to set spaces in Word 2010:

A. How to Quickly Adjust Spaces

Here is a quick way to set spaces in your word document. So that the order of documents becomes more organized and easier to see because it is not cluttered. The following detailed steps to set the space:

1. Open and run your Word application program

2. If you cannot find the word application program on your computer, take advantage of the search feature by clicking Search Bar on your computer

3. Then type the keywords Word, and your Word application program will appear

4. Click and run the Word application (the same as point 1)

5. After the Word application program has been successfully run, a document worksheet will appear that you will set the space for.

6. Select Home tab> Paragraph to set spaces in your document

 How to Set Spaces in Word 2010 with Home> Paragraph "width =" 665 "height =" 321 "/> </p>
<p> 7 Then click <strong> Paragraph Icon (Up & down) </strong> and select the size of the space you need </p>
<p> <img class=

8. After that, the spaces in your document will change according to the size you chose and the spacing was successfully done.

B. How to Manually Adjust Spaces

In addition to the quick way to adjust the spacing of word documents, you can also manually adjust yourself to the spacing settings on your document, so you can specify in detail for the spacing settings that you need according to your document requirements The following are detailed steps to adjust the spacing in your word document:

1. Make sure that your computer or laptop device has an application program installed. ASI Word

2. Open and run the word application program

3. Select Home tab> Paragraph. Then pay attention to the small arrow in the lower right corner of the section Click the small arrow icon button.

 adjust the space

4. Then a full and detailed Paragraph display will appear. Pay attention to the sections Spacing

 Here's How to Manage Spaces in Word 2010

5. To set a space, you can set the size of the space you need in the Spacing: Before & After, and Line Spacing

6. After completing and completing the spacing rules that suit your needs, click OK

 How to Set Spaces in Word 2010

7. After that, the word document will follow the spacing you have set and the spacing has been successfully done.

With the way to set spaces in this 2010 word, you as a word 2010 user who is used to complete various tasks and jobs will become easier in using the word.

The methods provided are quite easy to follow slowly, so as not to cause errors in working on the document. Not only that, but you can also follow the flow and understand how Word 2010 works. Hopefully this article will be useful for you.


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