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Guide on How to Make Graphics in PowerPoint (Complete + Images)

What did you think about hearing the term Graphic first? Certainly something related to visual representation of the table, where the table consists of data which will be presented in the form of images. This graph will make it easier for us to obtain information from changes or comparisons of objects to be discussed.

Usually, the presentation of graphs will be easily found in presentation activities. However, often the presentation of data on the graph is not clearly described so that the audience is difficult to understand. In fact, if the presentation of data is made clearly and interestingly, the presentation activities will be more smooth. Because, the main point of your presentation has been conveyed well.

Therefore, in this article I will explain the steps to create a graphic on PowerPoint so that it looks more attractive. The following is a more complete explanation about how to make a graph in PowerPoint.

How to Create a Graph in PowerPoint

Basically, the process of creating a graph in PowerPoint is almost the same as in Word or Excel. Now, here I will explain step by step how to make a graph in PowerPoint.

First Phase: Paying attention to the Types of Graphics and Their Functions

This is the first step that you must pay attention to before creating a graph. By paying attention to the type of graph, then you will understand what type of graph should be used to describe the data to be delivered. In powerpoint, there are several types of graphs, each of which has its own function, including the following:

  • Column Chart – to illustrate the comparison of data
  • Line Chart – to describe the continuous changes in data occurs within a certain period of time
  • Pie Chart – to describe the part or percentage of the total data
  • Bar Chart – to describe the order of the entire data
  • Area Chart – to describe the area with clearer percentage
  • XY Scatter – to describe the type of linear relationship
  • Stock Chart – to describe data fluctuations
  • Radar Chart – to illustrate comparisons of several quantitative variables
  • Combo Chart – to describe a combination of bar graphs and lines representing certain categories

Second Stage: Creating Graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint

After knowing the types of graphics contained in Powerpoint, you can now try to create graphics in PowerPoint.

1. First, please open the slide to enter the chart. Find the Insert tab which is located on the ribbon menu in PowerPoint. Click the Chart icon to start it. Or more easily select the Insert Chart icon found in Layout.

 How to Make a Graph in PowerPoint

2. Then the Insert Chart 19459013 window will appear, select the type of graphic you want. After that, click OK .

 How to Make a Graph in PowerPoint

3. You can see the results as shown below.

 How to Make a Graph in PowerPoint

Next, you can edit the graph data contained in the Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint following.

]  in the Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint window

Third Stage: Adjusting the Graphic Style in PowerPoint

This stage is related to the appearance to beautify the graphics to make them look attractive. The trick is quite easy, you just have to activate the default chart on the slide and work entirely on the Design menu .

1. To change the color of the chart, select the Design menu, click the Change Colors 19459013 icon. Choose the color you want.

 Adjust the Graph Style in PowerPoint

2. If you want to change the style of the chart, then you choose one of the styles on Chart Type .

 choose a style on Chart Type

Easy, not a way to create graphics on powerpoint ? You can choose various types of graphics that match the data you are presenting. All you need to note is understanding what the purpose of this graph is. In making a presentation, make a graphic as interesting as possible so that the audience can understand the writing or information from the graph itself.

That's the article about how to create graphics in PowerPoint. This article applies to all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. Always visit Nesabamedia to get other interesting information.


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