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Guide on How to Label Letter Envelopes in Microsoft Word (Neat)

Envelopes have become a vital requirement for an agency, because they are absolutely used to convey important letters and letters. The appearance of a neat envelope and design is equally important because it reflects the professionalism of the agency.

Maybe in the past, when I wanted to send a letter / invitation, the information on the envelope was only manually written. So as to enable the results to be obtained less neatly.

However, in today's modern era, we can send letters / invitations with information on envelopes using computers.

Because using a computer, the results obtained must be neater and visible better reflect the professionalism of the agency. However, there may still be many agencies that do not know how to make information on letter envelopes using a computer. Even though the method is very easy, just use the Microsoft Word application that is available on each laptop / PC.

Now, this time I will share about how to label mail envelopes in Microsoft Word very easy. how do? Just follow the steps below.

How to Label a Letter Envelope in Microsoft Word

There is something to consider when making a letter envelope, namely the size of the envelope to be printed. The size of the envelope is not too big and not too small.

Then measure the dimensions of the envelope to be printed, so that it can be adjusted to the writing / information that will be written with Microsoft Word. Immediately refer to the following steps.

1. Please open the Microsoft Word application first on your laptop / PC.

2. Then, please click the menu tab "Mailings" . As in the picture below.

 click mailings

3. Then, please select "Envelopes". As in the picture below

 click envelope

4. Then, please fill in the "Delivery address" box in the sender's address. Then, fill in the box "Return address" with the destination address. As in the picture below.

 fill in the sender's address and destination

5. Then, please click on "Options". As in the picture below.

 click options

6. Then, the Envelope Options window will appear. Please set according to your wishes, such as the size of the envelope, the type of writing the sender address and destination address, and the position of writing the sender's address and destination address. If it is set up, please select the Printing Options menu.

 envelope options

7. In the printing options menu, please adjust the position of the envelope when it is printed so that it fits when printed. If you please click "Ok". As shown below

 click ok

8. Then, you will return to the Envelopes and Labels window. Please click "Add to document" . As in the picture below.

 add to document

9. Then, a question window appears about whether you want to make the sender's address and the destination address saved as default. If you agree, please click "Yes" but if not, please click "No" . As in the picture below.

 yes or no

10. Finished. Then, a page will appear like an envelope. As in the picture below.


Now, how? The method is quite easy and very simple right? Now we no longer need to write the name or sender address and destination address manually. We just need to make it in a more modern way, by typing and printing using Microsoft Word.

That's how to easily create letter envelope labels in Microsoft Word that you can try. If this article can help you, please share with your friends so that they also know how to easily label letter envelopes in Microsoft Word. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. If there is a writing error, please forgive. Thank you 🙂


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