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Guide on How to Install Complete Windows 10 + Images (Beginner)

Tutorial that I will share this time about how to reinstall Windows 10. As you know that Windows 10, this Microsoft operating system invites special attention for computer users.

Many of them upgrade from the system their old operation to windows 10. This is only natural, considering the interface of Windows 10 is very elegant and cool.

Windows 10 display is a combination of windows 1945 and windows 1945 . You need to know too, how to install it is almost similar to how to install Windows 8. My advice, read carefully the tutorial until it runs out so that later there will be no problems when the Windows 10 installation process.

How to Install Windows 10 for Beginners

Before installing the Windows 10 operating system, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to, including the following:

  • Prepare the Windows 10 installer DVD first, because this tutorial uses a DVD for the installation media.
  • For the first time booting from DVD, please first set boot device priority on BIOS menu .
  • If the laptop is installed, plug the charger immediately, do not let the battery run out of the installation.
  • As usual, prepare a few snacks or can also while listening to music, because the Windows 10 installation process is quite long. The installation process is approximately half an hour and half an hour, it is very long for me, hehehe just install it, relax while smiling.

How do I set the BIOS to boot from DVD?

As I said before, you have to BIOS settings to boot first done from DVD. Because the computer / laptop defaults to boot the first time from the HDD, then you must replace it as follows:

1. Turn on or restart your computer / laptop. After that, press the DEL (Delete) repeatedly until the BIOS display appears as shown below. Oh well, not all computers / laptops use the DEL key to enter the BIOS menu, there are some of the most commonly used buttons such as F1, F2, or Fn + F2 depending on the manufacturer. Then move to the Boot tab using the ◄ ► button.

 initial display of windows bios 10

2. As you can see that Hard Drive or HDD were at the top. This indicates that booting was first performed from the HDD.

 HDD boot first time windows 10

3. In order to boot first from a DVD, please select CD-ROM Drive then slide it using the + / – button to be at the top as shown in the following figure.

 select Cd drive windows 10

4. Do not forget to insert the Windows 10 installer DVD to DVDROM, then save the results of your BIOS settings by pressing the F10 then select Yes .

 save the bios 2 regulator

] Steps to install Windows 10

After you have set the BIOS to boot first from the DVD, it's time you install Windows 10. Check the following steps to install Windows 10:

1. Press any key to start the installation of Windows 10. Suppose you are confronted again with a display like this in the middle of the installation process, do not press any button yes, because you will be taken back to the initial installation process if you do it. [19659002]  press any key to boot windows 10

2. Select Indonesian (Indonesian) in Time and currency format, for others such as Language to install 19459017 and the Keyboard or input method let ] default no need to change.

 select time and currency windows 10

3. Then select Install now .

 select Install now windows 10

4. Then check I accept the license terms then select Next to continue.

 check the agreement for windows 10

5. In the following steps, please choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) .

 select custom for the Windows 10 partition

6. Suppose you want to reinstall or upgrade / downgrade from your old Windows operating system to Windows 10, just delete Drive 0 Partition 2 (partition C:) and Drive 0 Partition 1: System Reserved later automatically, the two partitions that you deleted become Unallocated Space (not partitioned).

Now, then please create a new partition again and make Drive 0 Partition 2 as installation location, then select Next to continue. That way, the data on other partitions remains safe (not erased). For more details, see the following picture of the gif (If you use a cellphone while reading this tutorial, make sure you use the Chrome or Mozilla browser to move the gif image perfectly):

For those of you who want to reinstall or upgrade / downgrade from the Windows operating system long you go to Windows 10, please skip step number 7-11 . And for those of you whose HDD is still empty, smooth or that has never been installed before the windows operating system, please skip this number 6 step .

 reinstall windows 10 [19659002] 7. As you can see in the following picture, the HDD space is still empty (Unallocated Space). For that, you must partition it. For the number of partitions, it can be 2 or more, according to your wishes.

 Windows 10 partition process

8. Please select Drive 0 Unallocated Space> New specify the size of the partition, then select Apply . The size is not too much and not too little too. For example, the size of your HDD is 320GB / 500GB, just measuring 100GB is enough, because the first partition you created is a system partition (partition C:).

 select new to create a partition Windows 10 [19659002] 9. Select OK to create a system reserved partition.

 select yes to create a system reserved windows 10

10. Please create 1 or more partitions in the same way as in step number 8 .

 partition again windows 10

11. As you can see in the following picture, I only made 2 main partitions. Then select Drive 0 Partition 2 for the installation location (do not place it on another partition), then select Next .

 installation location of windows 10

12 The installation process is running. This process takes about 30 minutes, just wait while eating chips. Oh yes, later your computer / laptop will restart itself repeatedly, so don't worry, because it is part of the Windows 10 installation process.

 Windows 10 installation process takes place

13. Please enter product key your windows 10, then Next . If you don't have one, please choose Do this later . You can activate your Windows 10 later.

 enter the product key

14. Next select Use Express settings .

 select express settings windows 10

15. Select I own it .

 select I own it windows 10

16. On this page you are told to log in to your Microsoft account. You can do this later, so choose Skip this step.

 skip this step windows 10

17. Please enter your computer name and password if necessary (it would be nice to be given a password so that not everyone can access your computer / laptop). Fill in a word or sentence that helps you remember your password in the column Password hint .

 enter the password to log in windows 10

16. This process doesn't take a lot of time, just wait a while until you are taken to your desktop.

 the process of entering the Windows desktop 10

17. And taddaaah, Windows 10 installation works! Here's the desktop display on Windows 10 that is cool and attractive.

 Windows 10 display

After successfully installing Windows 10, what are you doing, bro?
you do, for example installing antivirus, drivers and so on. For more details, you can read it below:

Suppose you want to install Windows 10 with a flashdisk, you can read the article here . In the article I have explained in enough detail about how to install Windows 10 with a flashdisk.

All right, hopefully you have successfully installed Windows 10. Oh yes, I have also collected some of the most frequently asked questions about windows installation, errors or problems which is often faced by users and so forth, complete with answers and solutions. Please check the link below:


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