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Green Energy Source Innovations Worth Trying: Solar Panel Technology

Innovation of Sustainable Energy Sources – Energy sources are indeed an important thing to always think about and solve the problems in our lives. Not only for Indonesia in particular, but for the whole world. Increasing energy needs while existing energy sources have limited nature makes us have to look for other alternatives. And the form of innovation in renewable energy sources is through solar panel technology.

What is Solar Panel Technology?

The sun becomes one of the unlimited energy sources and is always available in our lives. Sunlight that constantly illuminates and illuminates us can become a source of energy that we can use massively to meet the gap of energy sources for our lives. The trick is through solar panel technology.

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Solar panel technology itself is actually not a new thing in the field of technological innovation. Which this technology has been developed since the 1980s even before the problem of the energy source crisis arose into a global problem.

At the beginning of its development, the country that developed the solar panel technology was Japan. Japan is trying to develop this technology as a form of innovation that can be used as a form of alternative energy sources for the community and also environmentally friendly.

Solar panel technology is a tool that is basically a power plant that can change the shape or convert sunlight into an electrical energy or electricity. Inside the solar panel there is also a wire which is attached to a central circuit inside the solar panel.

When the solar panel catches the sun's rays and the rays touch the semiconductor on the solar panel, then automatically the captured rays will automatically converted into a form of electrical energy that is environmentally friendly and we can use it in everyday life.

The more sunlight that can be captured by solar panels, the more the amount of energy produced by the solar panel technology. Indonesia as a country that has a tropical climate and is illuminated by the sun throughout the year, actually has great potential in developing this solar panel because the source of sunlight that can be obtained very easily.

However, indeed the obstacles faced in developing this solar panel technology lies in the cost that is not cheap. It even tends to be expensive when compared to other forms of energy sources. For this reason, in Indonesia there are still not many who use it as the main source of energy for their lives.

Even so, in some areas such as Bali many houses and residents have used this technology as a form of their care for environmentally friendly technology. They will put the solar panels on the roof or balcony of their homes in order to get optimal solar radiation.

The government itself has actually directed the community to use this technology, but it is indeed constrained by the problem of expensive production costs from the solar panels. [19659014] What are the Advantages of Solar Panel Technology?

The advantages of solar panel technology itself is quite a lot apart from its very environmentally friendly nature. The advantage lies in its flexibility to be used and operated anywhere as long as there is sufficient sun exposure so that it can make it function optimally.

That flexibility makes it very easy to use. And does not require many additional components to support this technology. The key to using this solar panel lies in the sun's exposure to it. Because the more sunlight he catches, the greater the amount of electrical energy that can be produced by this solar panel.

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With this, solar panel technology has the potential to become a future technology that can solve the problem of the limited available energy sources and become a renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly. However, it's just that it is indeed necessary to look for further about solving the problem of the production costs of this solar panel which is indeed quite expensive.

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