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Grammarly: Correct English Grammar with this Extension. What is corrected?

Smart Computer – If we find it difficult to compose English sentences with the correct grammar, this tool may be the solution. This grammarly can help arrange English sentences by providing corrections in any part that must be corrected.

I myself use this tool to communicate using English with people from abroad via email. So far, even though I haven't used Grammarly for too long (more or less the past one month) I find it very helpful in grammar preparation.

What has Grammarly corrected?

Based on recent usage experience, here are some things that have been corrected from my language writing.

Correction # 1: Use of initial letters in the name

As that we already know, one of the familiar rules regarding writing people's names is the use of capital letters in the beginning of the word, such as Ibrahim, Ahmad, and so on. And not justified if the initial letters are not capital, for example deni, farhan, and so on.

When writing names, sometimes I forget to give capital letters at the beginning of the word (plus there is no auto-correct feature for this case). However, this error can be identified through the red notification from Grammarly.

Correction # 2: Use of singular and plural words

In English, plural words are usually marked with the addition of the letter "s" or "es" at the end noun named. But this often escapes my attention. But grammarly is more thorough, so it gives a red notification. Grammarly really helped me to be more careful in the use of plural and singular words.

Correction # 3: Use of verbs in certain sentence patterns

In English grammar, verbs are divided into three, namely past events , is happening, and will happen. Its use in a sentence must be in accordance with the patterns that have been set in the grammar. As in what I experienced when I made a wrong use of verbs and finally got a correction from grammarly.

Correction # 4: Excessive spaces

Even to the point that "excessive space" was corrected. As we can see in the picture above.

Correction # 5: Adding the words "a" or "the"

More or less, here are some corrections that I have received so far, there may be some I didn't have time to remember. There may also be more correction capabilities than Grammarly. What is clear, I highly recommend this extension for those of you who are not sure of the English grammar you are composing.


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