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Google launches VR180 Creator on Mac and Linux for VR video creations and edits

The relationship between Google and virtual reality dates back to 2016 when the Android owner and search engine giant unveiled its Daydream platform. While Google invests in VR gameplay, the Daydream platform owner invests heavily in VR video experiences. Shortly after unveiling its VR platform, Google released its Daydream and YouTube VR apps for virtual reality video viewers.

Google Earth VR for HTC Vive is another example of Google’s investment in VR video experiences. The app lets you fly around in VR, seeing everything “from above.” Any device can experience VR without app downloads by way of Google’s Chrome WebVR Experiments. The Chrome web browser received WebVR integration a few weeks back. VR videos and the video-viewing experience are crucial in these early days of virtual reality.

Google creates VR180 Creator Tool for VR video creation

Google Earth VR 3

Google has created two VR cameras with its Daydream platform, the Lenovo Mirage Camera and Y1 Horizon Camera. Not everyone can or will invest in VR cameras when they already have other capable mobile devices. Some buyers have little experience with these VR cameras but would be more open to comparable software.

To this end, Google is bringing its VR180 cameras, via software, to Mac and Linux users. The app is VR180 Creator, and it is now available for MacBook and Linux laptops and desktops.

VR180 Creator Tool Details

Google Earth VR

VR180 Creator has two options for VR video creations and edits. First, there’s the “Convert for Publishing” mode whereby the software converts your content into a standard video that you can further edit and revise with software such as Adobe Premiere. Though you want your video creation to be successful, you’ll ultimately need to convert your standard video into a true VR video.

To aid in the standard-to-VR video conversion, Google offers a second mode, “Prepare for Publishing.” This mode takes a standard video and adds the VR metadata to make it a true VR video. VR metadata is important because, without it, your video creations remain standard videos. The VR metadata tells YouTube, for example, that your video is a true virtual reality video.

VR180 Creator is a free download. You can download VR180 Creator for Mac and Linux here.


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