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GNOME 3.34 Should Be Hitting Clear Linux “Soon-ish”


For those anxious to make use of GNOME 3.34 with its many own performance improvements atop Intel’s performance-optimized Clear Linux rolling-release distribution, it looks like the wait is still going on for a few more days but is coming “soon-ish” to the platform.

GNOME 3.34 was released last week and the Intel open-source developers quickly took towards pulling in these GNOME bits. But unfortunately bugs to GNOME and related components have held up pushing out the updated bundles as stable.

In particular, some theme issues, the dash-to-dock extension being broken, and third-party applications having broken scaling behavior seem to be the main culprits in the Intel testing of GNOME 3.34.

The bugs reported by them and others are now believed to be resolved, but they are still pushing GNOME 3.34 through their QA before going ahead and rolling out the updated desktop on Clear Linux. Details for those wanting to track it via this GitHub ticket.

With running Clear Linux on my main production system, I have been eager to see GNOME 3.34 land primarily for the performance improvements made by the upstream developers as well as evaluating the Wayland support to see if it’s good enough now to enable for multi-monitor use-cases. Stay tuned for my thoughts once this lands as well as seeing some fresh GNOME/KDE desktop gaming tests on the likes of Clear Linux and Ubuntu 19.10.

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