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Get Xiaomi Mimoji on Android 5.0+ Devices

Xiaomi Mimoji on Android


Apple seems to have set a trend when they launched the iPhone X with a notch. Almost every smartphone manufacturer(except Samsung) has implemented the notch on their devices in some way or the other. But while the notch was introduced in the iPhone to house the FaceID sensors, the others almost always include it without any purpose(except to, maybe, look like an iPhone). While they don’t offer secure facial scanning technology, almost all of them seem to offer some kind of AR implementation in their phones. Apple calls it Animoji, Huawei has Qmoji, Samsung offers AR Emoji and Xiaomi named it MiMoji. If your phone doesn’t offer any such feature, an XDA developer has found a way to port Xiaomi’s MiMoji to other Android devices running Android Lollipop or later.

Xiaomi Mimoji

Apple’s implementation is the best since it utilizes the FaceID 3D sensors to correctly map facial expressions to the AR figure. However, the others are no slouches either despite the lack of dedicated hardware. You can go as far to as to call Xiaomi’s MiMoji an Animoji clone because of the similarities in the available AR avatars and even the whole interface.

MiMoji Port

The MiMoji port works like a charm when there’s ample light but falters under low light. The facial tracking is average at best but one should remember this is a port and is not meant to work on other devices. The video preview quality in-app isn’t very pleasing but the saved video looks just fine. This port is a standalone app and will not integrate into your existing camera app, however.

App Features

  • 12 MiMojis, with a video recording of up to 30 secs.
  • Change the audio pitch to Women, Men, and Cartoon.
  • Save the result to your gallery or share the video.

The developer has gone the extra mile to make some changes which make the app more user-friendly and secure.

MOD Features

  • Removed MIUI CTA in order for the app to work.
  • Changed all trackings, crash, error reports and A/B experiments URLs to non-existent URLs. This means no information is being sent to Chinese servers out of your device.
  • Unlocked Cartoon voice effect, although it seems to be similar if not the same to the Original voice.
  • App translated from Chinese into English by the developer himself, however, some text might not be accurate.

Download Xiaomi Mimoji Port for Android

You can download and install this app directly from the link given below or by going to this XDA thread. It will work just fine on any Android device with Android 5.0 or later.


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