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Get to Know IDwebhost Affiliates and Their Benefits, Listen!

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When you first hear the word affiliate what did you have in mind? A new space to make money? Yes, that is also true. But actually, what are affiliates, especially affiliated hosting provider companies such as IDWebhost affiliates. So, if we check on Wikipedia, this affiliation is one way to grow a business. Where he utilizes socialization in a directed and can be done by individuals, organizations, or business entities.

Each party will get the benefits as agreed. So maybe simply, affiliation is like opening up space for anyone to be a salesperson for a product without the need to be attached to the company. So the size of the person's income depends on how many orders can be obtained in a certain period of time.

Speaking of affiliations, there are currently many companies that use this system. One that provides substantial benefits is an international marketplace such as Amazon and similar marketplaces. Usually they use the code given to the affiliator.

The code is then used to record, if someone buys an item using the code, then the affiliate can indirectly sell the item and get a "share" of the sale. If Amazon and many international companies do it, what about companies in Indonesia? There are also many companies in Indonesia that do that.

One of the most frequently done companies is the provider of the best hosting such as IDWebhost. Then if on IDWEBHOST, what is the process, the benefits, and why should I choose IDWEBHOST affiliate program? Here are some explanations about the IDWebhost Affiliate Program.

This is what you get in the IDWebhost affiliate program!

 This is what you get at the IDWebhost affiliate program!


The first thing you need to know about this affiliate program is this. that you are not charged the registration fee or free. In fact, it's not only free, but also the time required to register is only one minute and tends to be very easy.

To register, you only need to go to the IDWebhost affiliate link or just click on Google. Then it will automatically exit. There you must fill in some personal data to register.

Some of the required data include email, first name and last name, company name, 2 addresses, can be filled in one, city, province, postal code, telephone number, and password . Very easy and very safe.

Why is it so easy? There are several affiliate programs that are not like that. There are some who have to register in a complicated manner, this and that, so it is too lazy to go first to participate, because registering is already complicated, how about later on payment.

Bonus Rp. 100.000

Not only free, but when you first register, you will immediately get a balance of Rp. 100,000 in your affiliate member account. The question is simple, is there something like that? New affiliate list can already balance? Not all hosting providers do. But someone must be asking, when the 100,000 bonus can be disbursed? It will be disbursed at the same time as your affiliate commission. Easy, right?

Great Commission!

Then besides the benefits mentioned above, what else will you get from this program? The answer is that the commission value is fairly large. You will later get a commission of 70% for every purchase of hosting that is referenced in your name. But you need to know that commissions are only given for purchasing hosting packages, so there are some IDWebhost packages or products that cannot get commissions or are not intended for affiliated friends.

Then if someone asks, what are the minimum conditions in order to get commission? Then the answer is only 5 thousand per month. This means, you will only get a commission for purchasing hosting at a minimum package price of 5 thousand per month. So for example, you get one person who buys a hosting package for 5000 in one month, then you are entitled to get 70% commission.

 Big Commission!

The conditions are very easy right? And the 5000 figure per month doesn't seem very difficult, right? You can definitely get more. If it's that easy to get a commission, then one day can sell 1 package of 5000 just get income, right? Then if anyone asks when you can get a commission, the answer is that you can withdraw the commission after reaching the sales target of 2 purchases of the hosting package for 5000.

And the package must be active for more than 30 days after the activation date. Then if you haven't achieved the target for a year? How? Is it forfeited? Certainly not! You can still withdraw the money the following year. So your hard work won't just be forfeited. Even though, 5000 might just work, not really hard.

Disbursement of funds will also be conducted every 20th of the month. With a note that it meets the requirements mentioned above earlier. So indirectly, through the explanation earlier you can get a salary every month. With a record you can meet the target.

10% discount

In addition to commissions, fund disbursements, bonuses, and potential payday, you can also get a 10% discount for each affiliate code you get. Where the affiliate code can be used by your customers. 10% is a pretty big number for an affiliate code! Make no mistake!

How Does the IDWebhost Affiliate Program Work?

 How does the IDWebhost Affiliate Program Work?

Then how does the IDWebhost affiliate program work? How it works is quite easy. There are at least 4 steps you need to know. First, register. We have explained the ease and benefits above. So you just need to fill in the necessary data, and you're done. You become an affiliate member, get a bonus of 100,000 which can be disbursed at the same time as your first commission.

Second, is promotion. You need to do this yourself. You can promote your affiliate products on personal websites, blogs social media, or other places. You can install ad banners, affiliate links, and various methods. The point is to spread the coupon code to as many people as possible. So that they not only buy, but also use your coupon code.

Third, customers buy the product by clicking on the link that you have distributed. Well, in this process you do not have to bother explaining, you just sit and let IDWEBHOST employees who will take care of everything. Fourth, after customers buy your product, it's time you get a commission of 70%.

So in fact you just sit, share as often as possible, in as many places as possible, and just wait for your balance to increase. Very can be used as an alternative income right? So that's an explanation of what an affiliate is, then the benefits of the IDWebhost affiliate program, as well as how this program works. So, if you want additional income that can be said without capital, only social capital, then this is the answer.

You really just need to register for free, spread the link, sit down, and wait for the links that you spread to bear fruit and tangible the commission that will be automatically entered directly into your account. Very very easy right? You who are in school or college can do it. Those of you who are working and very busy, can spare less than 2 hours, register and then finish. Just diligently spreading it. So, interested?


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