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Get macOS Spotlight Style Search Bar In Windows 10

If you have ever used the macOS, you probably have used the spotlight search to search for apps and files. And if you have used the spotlight search, you likely have noticed the sleek search bar which helps you quickly search for apps and files.

macos spotlight style search bar for Windows 10 pic1

The macOS spotlight search bar is very minimal yet elegant. The search bar expands to show additional details upon typing a keyword.

In Windows 10, the built-in taskbar or Cortana search is pretty nice, but users who like a minimal search bar, might not like the default search interface.

Sure, Microsoft tried adding a macOS style spotlight search bar to Windows 10 about two years ago (was added to an insider build), but it’s still kept under the wrap.

macOS style search bar for Windows 10

PC users who like the macOS spotlight search bar can now get a similar search bar in Windows 10 as well. Jarvis, a free program, brings macOS style spotlight search to Windows 10.

macos spotlight style search bar for Windows 10 pic4

To start with, Jarvis search bar doesn’t replace the built-in Start/taskbar search in Windows 10. It doesn’t add a new icon to the taskbar. You need to simultaneously press Alt and Spacebar (alt + spacebar) keys to launch the Jarvis spotlight search bar. This means that the default search in Windows 10 is not disabled or turned off. You can launch it if and when you need it.

As you can see in the pictures, the search bar resembles the macOS Spotlight search bar. Upon typing an app name, the search bar will expand to show relevant details.

Besides that, you can use the Jarvis spotlight search bar to search Google and Wikipedia as well. To search Google, type g, and then type the query. The results will be opened in the default web browser. Likewise, type wiki before query to search Wikipedia.

macos spotlight style search bar for Windows 10 pic2

The Jarvis search bar is still in its early stages. You cannot change the default color, size, or position of the search bar. However, you can make it index new locations so that you can search for files and folders in addition to apps and programs.

To index new locations, right-click on the Jarvis program icon on the system tray and then click Settings. Switch to the File indexing tab to add new locations.

macos spotlight style search bar for Windows 10 pic5

The search is fairly fast and accurate. Although it cannot match the built-in search in Windows 10, it doesn’t disappoint either.

Lastly, the program was launched about two years ago. Sadly, it has not been updated over the past two years. Nevertheless, it works fantastic with the latest 1903 version of Windows 10. An option to invoke the search bar upon pressing the Windows logo key would have been great. We hope that the program gets an update soon with more features.

If you like macOS spotlight search bar, you will love the Jarvis. Try it out right away.

IMPORTANT: Microsoft Edge and SmartScreen might warn you against downloading and running the program as its a new and less downloaded program. The program is safe, though.

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