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Gboard now lets you create bitmoji-like characters of yourself using selfies

Google Mini Selfie Stickers Google

  • Google released a selfie-generated sticker pack for Allo back in 2017.
  • The search giant is now bringing that feature to Gboard for Android and iOS.
  • The “Mini” sticker pack includes over 100 new styles and backgrounds.

Last year, Google released a new sticker pack on Allo that allowed users to create Bitmoji-like avatars for themselves by simply snapping a selfie. Now, Google is bringing this feature to Gboard so that everyone can send “Mini” versions of their faces (via Engadget).

Just like with Bitmoji, the Mini sticker pack takes the user’s avatar and displays it on various backgrounds and in multiple forms. This abundance of options allows the person to send an image of themselves eating, singing, having a bad day, or almost anything else. 

Gboard Mini Sticker Creator Google

As you can see from the GIF above, once the feature has rolled out to your phone, the setup process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is open up the sticker section of Gboard, find the new Mini option, and take a selfie of yourself. From there, you can either customize the look of your character or start sending the custom stickers to your friends.

Google uses both machine learning and neural networks to create an avatar that roughly replicates the person’s look. This processing allows the animated character to include user-specific details like skin tone, hair color and style, eye color, face shape and facial hair.

Google is including 100 additional styles on top of the various designs that were released when the selfie sticker pack was released for Allo.

The Mini sticker pack feature is rolling out to Gboard on Android and iOS right now. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t stated how long it should take the new addition to make its way to everyone’s phones.

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