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Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter Champions action RPG takes one step closer to launch

  • Mobile game developer Gameloft soft-launched Dungeon Hunter Champions in Canada and Vietnam.
  • Dungeon Hunter Champions is a free-to-play action RPG with MOBA elements.
  • You can pre-register to get exclusive items and more.

After soft-launching in the Philippines in August 2017, Dungeon Hunter Champions is now available in the Canadian and Vietnamese Google Play Store.

The latest entry in Gameloft’s action RPG series, Dungeon Hunter Champions offers a single-player campaign where players hack and slash through different worlds and environments. The game also features a five-on-five multiplayer mode reminiscent of Dota 2League of Legends, and other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) titles.

You can choose from over 250 collectible Champions to form your team, which introduces some strategy to the gameplay. Champions are divided into several character types, like Fighter and Tank. Picking the types of Champions for your team is just as important as the Champions themselves, especially since you can level up and outfit each Champion with various weapons and equipment.

As you win more battles, you can climb the leaderboards and earn random items. You can also buy items with real-world money, which is where Dungeon Hunter Champions makes its money. Based on the trailer above, the game features at least two different currencies, as well as an energy-based system. This saddens me, since energy systems limit how much you can play in one sitting.

All we can hope is the game will dole out as much of the in-game currency and items as possible whithout shoving the paid portions in your face.

Dungeon Hunter Champions is available in the Philippines, Canada, and Vietnam. Folks in other regions can pre-register at the link below to receive items and a chance to win 15 Champions.

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