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Functions, Types and Characteristics [LENGKAP]

Definition of Paragraphs

In general, Definition of paragraphs is a part – a part that has a difference from a writing or essay, usually a paragraph has a relationship with a specific theme and usually marked with a new line, numbering, or indentation.

There is also another opinion which says that a paragraph is a group or group of sentences in an essay or writing which contains one main idea in which the writing uses a new line or writing rather protrudes into the interior.

Paragraphs are also called paragraphs which have several sentences that are related to one another. In one paragraph must have at least 2 sentences which are interrelated so that it will become and produce an information.

 understanding of paragraphs according to experts

In addition to the above explanation about the meaning of paragraphs in general, there are also some experts who express their opinions about understanding of paragraphs. The following are some experts who expressed their opinions, namely:

1. Arifin and S. Amran Tasai (2006: 125)

According to experts named Arifin and S. Amran Tasai, suggesting that the understanding of paragraphs is a set or set of sentences that discuss and discuss a topic or idea. In paragraphs the sentence in it shows unity of mind or has a connection in shaping the topic or idea.

2. Akhaidah et al (1999: 144)

According to an expert named Akhaidah and his friends, said that paragraphs are a core of pouring out a thought in which all the sentences in the paragraph support it, be it identification sentences, topic sentences or main sentences , and explanatory sentences to closing sentences. These sets of sentences are interrelated in one series so that they will form a topic or idea.

3. Gorys Keraf (1979: 62)

According to an expert named Gorys Keraf, saying that paragraphs or paragraphs are a unity of thoughts or ideas that are wider or higher than sentences and also a set or collection of sentences related in a series to make a topic or idea.

4. Lamuddin Finoza (2004: 149)

According to an expert named Lamuddin Finoza, argues that the understanding of paragraphs or paragraphs is a unitary form of language which is usually the result of combining several sentences or ideas.

5. Ramlan (2010: 23)

According to an expert named Ramlan, said that pargraf is a part of an author's essay which includes several sentences which reveal an information with the main idea or idea as its controller. [19659017] Paragraph Function

 Paragraph Function

Paragraphs have their functions in each essay or writing. Here are some functions of paragraphs in an essay, namely:

1. Expressing Ideas

The first function of a paragraph is to express an idea that is a paragraph that is able to give a feeling or idea through a series of neatly arranged sentences so that it will become a single main idea unit.

2. Marking the Transition of a New Idea

The function of the next paragraph is to mark the transition of a new idea that is every essay or writing that includes several paragraphs and in each paragraph has different ideas or sentences but still relates to the main idea.

the next is to make it easier to write and read, that is, the paragraph made by the author intends to make it easier for him to express his ideas. In addition, paragraphs also make it easier for a person to understand each of the main ideas in his writing if the writing is arranged and made in a good paragraph.

4. Helping Topic Development

The function of the next paragraph is to help the development of topics, namely paragraphs make it easy to deliver in developing the topic or writing ideas that are delivered past each paragraph that exists.

5. Controlling Variables

The next function is that paragraphs can control variables ie paragraphs make it easier for the author to control and control each variable in his essay so that it is more easily understood and understood.

Characteristics of Paragraphs

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A paragraph can be easily recognized if we pay attention to its characteristics or characteristics. The following are some of the characteristics of paragraphs, namely:

  1. In a paragraph must have the main ideas conveyed in each sentence written or written by the author or author.
  2. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence and developer sentence as a way to convey the author's main ideas in his essay.
  3. In each paragraph it also has explanatory sentences which contain some details of the topic sentence. With another meaning, a paragraph or essay only has 1 sentence sentence but has several explanatory sentences.
  4. In the type of paragraph or ordinary essay, usually each writing at the beginning of a paragraph is written in a rather indented or entered with a few spaced beats.
  5. Each paragraph or essay in a text has at least 2 lines of sentence.

Types of Paragraphs

 Types of Paragraphs

Paragraphs or essays have several types. There are several types of paragraphs that are grouped by function, content, and location of the main ideas. The following are some of the types of paragraphs, namely:

1. Types of Paragraph Based on Functions

  • Opening paragraph, which is a paragraph that is in the beginning of a paragraph or essay that is useful for inviting or provoking curiosity from the reader to the entire contents of the writing.
  • Content paragraph, namely paragraphs in a paragraph or essay which contain the main parts of the text.
  • Connecting paragraph, which is a paragraph that has a function to connect each paragraph in a essay becomes a single unit.
  • Closing paragraph, which is a paragraph in which contains summaries, conclusions, summaries, suggestions, hopes, or contains a reaffirmation of important points in an essay or essay.

2. Content-Based Paragraph Types

3. Paragraph Types Based on Main Ideas Location

  • Deductive Paragraph, which is a paragraph that has a main idea that is at the beginning or first part of the paragraph.
  • Inductive paragraph, is at the end or closing part of the paragraph.
  • Inerative paragraph, which is a paragraph that has the main idea in the middle of the paragraph.
  • Mixed paragraph, main ideas that are at the beginning and also at the end of the paragraph.

Thus is our discussion this time about the understanding of paragraphs, and their functions and characteristics. Hopefully you can better understand and understand what paragraphs are and their functions and characteristics. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you ?

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