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Functions & Strengths of Amazon.com [LENGKAP]

The growing development of information technology provides convenience in a variety of ways, one of which is included in online buying and selling transactions, such as those that are currently rife in our country.

With online stores, to buy goods or services people do not need to leave home, just by using an internet-connected gadget, people can already buy the desired goods or services. Some online stores have mushroomed in our country, including OLX, Bukalapak BliBli, and Tokopedia.

In other countries there are also a variety of similar online stores. One of the success stories of the establishment of online stores from abroad, comes from superpower countries of the United States. There is a very well-known online store name, Amazon.com. This site is one of the online stores that was established in 1994 and has managed to master the online market in the world.

Understanding Amazon.com

 Understanding Amazon

Quoting from Wikipedia.com, Amazon.com, Inc. (Amazon) is a multinational electronic trading company whose headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, United States. Amazon also designed and made electronic devices in the form of Amazon Kindle electronic book readers and Kindle Fire tablet computers. In addition, Amazon also provided cloud computing services .

Amazon has a number of retail websites for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom (United Kingdom), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and China, with international shipping some of their products to other countries. Amazon will also launch separate websites in Poland, Brazil, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com, Inc. (with the name Cadabra) in July 1994, then the site was online with the URL address amazon.com since 1995. Initially Amazon.com started its business as an online book store, then became a seller of DVDs, CDs, MP3s, software, video games, electronic devices , furniture, food, toys, jewelry, etc.

This company is named after the Amazon river, the largest river in South America. Amazon is also the name of the nation's legendary female warrior in Greek mythology.

History of Amazon.com

 History of Amazon

Amazon.com, Inc. was founded by Jeff Bozes in 1994 and was published in 1995, a year later. Initially the name of this online shop was 'Cadabra', released on July 5, 1994. After being reviewed again, in 1995 the name 'Cadabra' was changed. The name change was done because the name sounded horror and sold less.

When the name 'Cadabra' was changed to Amazon.com it became more special, and would certainly be easier to find because it starts with the beginning of the letter A, hoping to be on the list search the top yourself. In addition, the name selection is a symbol of great hope by the founders that the company will become big like the longest and exotic river in South America.

Amazon.com, Inc. based in Seattle, Washington, United States was founded on the basis of analysis concrete and deep. The company's first CEO saw the opportunity for a large online market [19459156] relating to the predictions of future developments in internet technology. It is evident that currently the company has developed so rapidly.

Initially, Bozes designed 20 lists of the types of goods he wanted to market, but then narrowed down to 5 types which were considered to be the most profitable. The five types of products are books, software, hardware, video, and CD (compact disc). Of the five types of products Bozes chose to sell the book at first. At the beginning of its sales, Amazon.com developed so rapidly because of the huge demand for books.

At the beginning of the development of Amazon.com, Inc., many investors bought shares of this company. Unfortunately, four years later Amazon.com was considered very slow to grow, so some investors complained about this decline in performance and then sold their shares.

In the early 21st century many online stores went bankrupt, and one that was almost affected was the Amazon company. com, Inc. belongs to this Bozes. Fortunately, this company can still be saved from the crisis and can rise again. This was a result of the world monetary crisis at the beginning of the 21st century. Slowly the company rose again and produced promising profits. In fact, it is claimed that the Amazon.com company popularized the world in order to shop online.

Advantages Amazon.com

 Amazon Advantages

Through Amazon.com many services can be provided by its customers, starting from services in the form of buying and selling electronic goods, to selling materials or materials that are not durable / rotten like vegetables and fruit.

As a large online shop, Amazon.com offers transaction services including buying and selling retail items , software and licenses, digital content, video games, and items of artistic value. Many types and service features provided by this site to make fans of online shopping feel satisfied. The following is an explanation of some items that can be sold and the services offered on this site.

  1. Sales of retail goods is the company's initial concept of selling retail goods online. There are many choices of items ranging from books, household appliances, electronics, and other retail beaver, for more details you can explore the site yourself.
  2. Amazon is software for various devices Amazon.com is not only accessible through computer but also through a smartphone. Thus users can access and order using their devices / gadgets.
  3. Digital content besides selling physical products Amazon.com also sells digital content such as software, PDF files music files , movie files, and so on. Digital content can be directly downloaded and paid using credit or via transfer.
  4. Amazon game this feature makes it easy for those who want to buy PC games or gadgets. Apart from selling games, Amazon.com also develops games for various platforms including Windows, Android, Mac, and Kindle Fire. Some of the games sold here are the result of the development of game experts who work in this company.
  5. Amazon art since August 2013 Amazon.com released the online art market. Goods sold through this channel are original works and also limited to selected galleries.


Amazon.com, Inc. is an online store company based in the United States. Amazon.com provides features and services that are common to online shops with various advantages.

Among the advantages of Amazon.com is that it can conduct transactions that cover international areas, so users from one country can make transactions with users from other countries. with terms and conditions imposed on Amazon.com.


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