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Functions, Objectives, Characteristics & Elements [LENGKAP]

Understanding Administration

In general, administration is an activity related to recording, correspondence, operations, bookkeeping, agenda and so on in an organization or agency of a company.

a well-managed and neat administration can make it easier for other workers to find the information or data needed. So that the ability to carry out and plan administrative procedures in an organization or agency must exist and must be done so as not to cause data search problems.

 Definition of Administration is

In addition to general administrative understanding, there are also some experts who explain the understanding Administration, as follows:

According to George R Terry, administration is an activity of planning, controlling and organizing work in offices, and moving those who carry out their work in order to achieve their intended goals.

According to Munawardi Reksohadiprowiro, administration is a business system which includes various kinds of neat and organized regulations, and there is a breakdown of facts in order to get a complete view and reciprocal relationships between facts.

According to Ulbert, administration has a broad meaning. Where the notion of administration is the preparation and recording of data or information systematically.

This applies internally or externally as an effort to provide information and make it easier to get the data or information back. Whereas if narrowly interpreted, administration is administration.

According to Sondang P. Siagian, administration is any form of various collaborative processes between two individuals or more with a rationality basis to achieve a predetermined goal.

According to WH Evans , administration has an understanding in the form of interrelated functions with management and direction from all stages of the company's operations about processing information materials, communication and covering organizational memory.

According to William Lefffingwell and Edwin Robinson, states that administration is a part of management science. Where administration is related to the implementation of office work efficiently, anytime and anywhere the work must be done.

According to Arthur Grager, administration is a function that regulates the administration of communication and scripting services of an organization.

Administrative Functions [19659002]  Administrative functions

Here are some important functions in Administration:

  • Planning ( Planning ), is an activity carried out at the beginning of planning. In planning includes the activities of collecting data, processing data or information, until the preparation of documents related to planning.
  • Compilation (1945-1915] Organizing 19459016), is a communication development activity to carry out each work among fellow workers or members involved in a job. This communication is expected to facilitate the achievement of common goals.
  • Coordination ( Coordinating ), is part of the management function that aims to maintain communication, and harmony among members or divisions so that problems do not occur. Coordination can be done by carrying out activities involving many people.
  • Reporting ([1945155] Reporting ), is an activity to convey the results of reports from a particular project or data. So that with this report, it can be known whether or not the organization's goals are achieved. This can facilitate the executive in assessing and knowing the performance of his company.
  • Budgeting ( Budgeting ), is a financial planning activity needed in an organization, so that all activities can go according to plan. [19659018] Direction (1945,155] Directing ), is an activity to provide guidance, advice and criticism of what has been done. With this directive, it can improve the performance of workers to be able to work according to their abilities and become better.

Administration Objectives

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Here are some general goals in Administration:

  • Can monitor office administration activities, so that activities are better organized and neat.
  • Can conduct evaluations based on existing data, so they can know the data and organizational performance of a business being run.
  • Can be used to facilitate the preparation of business development programs or activities, so that all programs that will be planned can be planned to the maximum so that the results can be maximized as well.
  • Can be used to secure business activities and organizations in the company

Administrative Elements

 Administrative Elements

Here are the elements that must be ad a in Administration:

  • Organization, is a place that is used as a place for the administrative activities to regulate all organizational data and documents.
  • Management, are the people responsible for their position each to manage a business or activity in an agency or organization.
  • Communication, is a relationship to discuss everything in the organization. So that administrative activities can be carried out properly.
  • Finance, is contract financing and cooperation is carried out to facilitate the flow of coordination of financial problems in the organization.
  • Staffing, is a workforce that will carry out all administrative activities.

Administrative Characteristics

 Characteristics of Administration

Here are the characteristics of Administration in general:

  • Clear objectives . With the existence of clear objectives, the administrative process becomes easier. So that organizational performance can be measured by referring to that goal.
  • There are at least 2 or more human resources. An administrative activity is carried out by at least 2 people to complete their work in the field of administration, so that it is not charged to just one person.
  • Always related to collaborative activities. Mostly, administrative activities are always related to outside parties to carry out collaborative activities so that a good relationship is created.
  • There is a business or work process. In carrying out administrative activities, work or work processes always exist and continue to be carried out.
  • There is leadership, guidance and supervision. This is done in order to be able to give each other input and suggestions to be better.

With some information about the understanding of Administration, it will be easier for you to study Administrative Sciences. Good and regular administrative management can make it easier for office or organization work. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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