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Functions & How to Open EPUB Files

Definition of Epub

Epub is a digital book that has a standard format. The organization or forum that succeeded in developing the format of this book is IDPF which is an extension of the International Digital Publishing Forum. Epub is one of several digital book formats that you can open on an electronic device. You can open it on a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or even a normal cellphone. Epub or (* .epub) is a book format that works using HTML and also open xHTML so that anyone and any device can use it.

It should be understood that Epub is actually not much different from with PDF and the format of the book the other. The book format also supports video and audio, and also includes a lightweight alias will not make your device slow. However, if you look further you will find that there are some differences between books in Epub and PDF formats.

If PDF books are opened on different devices, the file will still have the same appearance. The appearance will not change according to size when you first make it. If the PDF format is made using A4 paper and then opened on an electronic device that uses playing paper, then when you want to read it you have to enlarge the screen first.

 Understanding Epub is

This will be very disturbing when you want to read the digital book because you have to zoom in and out of the screen which of course will require another time to complete. Then what about Epub? Epub is digital book format which comes with interesting features. The size of the letters and also the paragrams on the book with the Epub format will automatically adjust to the device you are using to read.

So, you no longer need to increase or decrease the size of the book when reading it. So, you can freely get the information you want without requiring a long time because it is constrained by the size of the book on Epub. However, you must remember that Epub is only devoted to reading. You cannot print it as you would when using a PDF file.

In conclusion, both of these book formats have their advantages and disadvantages. However, for those of you who only want to read digital books because it makes it an alternative to reading printed books, we recommend that you use Epub. Conversely, for those of you who want to print digital books, use books in PDF format.

Epub Function

 Understanding Epub and Its Functions

The function of the Epub book format is to focus on reading media with use electronic devices that are used as an alternative rather than having to read a thick and heavy printed book. With Epub, you only need to store it in an electronic device and just open it when you want to read it.

Epub also serves to make your work more efficient because every day there is no need to bring thick books to work or school.

In addition , Epub is also useful as a medium that provides a complete range of information and makes it a digital book format that is easy to understand. This is because Epub also supports video and audio like the one in PDF.

For those of you who want to use Epub, then you must first install an application called Sigit. This application includes applications created specifically to create, design, and open books that are in the Epub format. You can get this application in the application store on your smartphone or download it on various sites on the internet that already provide this application for free.

Advantages of Epub

So what are the advantages of Epub? Epub has several advantages that you can use to help simplify your work when reading a digital book. We will explain some of the advantages in Epub as below:

  • Epub provides a variety of formats that you can open and use for free. There is no feature that asks you to pay.
  • You can open Epub on any electronic device without having to worry that the device does not support Epub. But before you have to install an application that is used to open the digital book format on this one.
  • Epub is a digital book format that supports audio and video. With the video as well as the audio, you can more easily understand what is in the explanation of the book.
  • Epub has also provided a feature that you can use to adjust how big or small the size of the text. So, you can adjust it according to your wishes and needs.
  • Epub also supports RDM.
  • It has a dynamic display because the book format with Epub will automatically adjust to the screen size on both smartphones and electronic devices that you use to open them.

What Devices Can Open Epub?

Questions like this also arise where people who are new to Epub will be wondering about what devices can be used to open this device. ? Below are some devices that are made specifically to be able to open the Epub format.

  • Android, such as the ideal reader and FBreader
  • Computers, such as Firefox, AZARDI and Caliber Plugins
  • Kobo eReader
  • Barners and Noble Book
  • ISO, such as ireader
  • Blackberry Playbook

How to Open an Epub File

 Understanding the Epub and How to Open it

  • First you must prepare the electronic device you are using
  • Second, install the Epub opening application that suits your device
  • Third, open the application and find out which Epub file you wish to open
  • Fourth, the Epub file can be opened

Thus is our explanation of our understanding of Epub and its functions, and how to open Epub. Hope it is useful.


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