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Functions, Elements & Types (Complete)

Definition of Biography

The word biography is derived from the Greek word Bios which has the meaning of life and the word graphien which has a written meaning. Biography is a writing whose contents discuss about a person's life. Simply put, understanding biography can also have meaning as a story of one's life history. Biography can also have a form with only a few lines of sentences, but the biography can be more than one book.

In the biography of Singkay only write about the facts that exist in one's life and its important roles. The lengthy biography there is information which has important properties but has also been told more specifically or in detail and can also be combined with an interesting story style.

Generally, biography is a book in which tell events that are in someone's life. Through the biography can also be found a relationship, which is an explanation of the meaning of a particular action or a mystery that is contained in a person's life, and also is an explanation of the behavior and actions in the life of that person. ” width=”549″ height=”304″/>

Biography can also tell the life of a famous and unknown person. And biographies also often tell stories about a historical figure, but not infrequently also about people who are still alive. And many biographies today are written chronologically.

Biographies require religious material as well as supporting material. The main materials can be in the form of objects, for example, such as diaries, newspaper clippings, letters, etc.

Supporting materials such as reference books and history that explain the role of these figures in biographies and so forth. Biography is a story or a journey from a person's life whose source is on a fictional subject or a true story.

Definition of Biography According to Experts


The definition of Biography according to some experts. Biography is also closely related to history . Where with the history of someone has a story that can describe a person's life.

And below will explain the explanation of the understanding of biography and history according to experts:

1. According to the KBBI

KBBI believes that the definition of biography is a life history of someone written by someone else. And biographies that are intentionally written by themselves are usually called autobiographies.

2. According to Nugroho Notosusanto

Nugroho notosusanto argues that the meaning of history is that all events that occur and relate to someone who is a social creature and has happened in the past.

3. According to Taufik Abdullah

Taufik Abdullah argues that the understanding of history is an action someone has done in a certain period of time in the past and a certain place.

4. According to Drs. Sidi Gazalba

Drs. Sidi Gazalba argues that the understanding of history is the past of a person and his surroundings which has been compiled in a scientific and also very complete manner which includes a sequence of facts from the past as well as an explanation that can provide an understanding of what has prevailed.

5. According to J.V. Byce

J. V. Byce believes that the understanding of history is a record that has been made, thought and said by every human being.

Function and Purpose of Biography

 Definition of biography and its function and purpose

Good biography must have a function and good purpose in the making. That way, then when you want to make a biography, you must pay attention to the function and purpose of the biography. The following functions and objectives of biography:

  1. A good biography must always apply the good things of each character who will be written into the biography. Because that way, everyone who reads the biography can learn a number of life experiences from the character.
  2. A good biography must have a motivating function its readers. And the purpose of the biography will also make a reader feel motivated from the story of the character's life experience. For example, the reader is motivated and inspired by the success of the character.
  3. The third function is to know the experiences and life stories of the characters in the biography. From this good story will make the reader always imitate the good treatment of the character written.

Elements of Biography


The existence of elements in biography is very important in biographical writing. Because the contents of the biography can be arranged properly and can complete a story. And the following are the elements of biography:

  1. The main elements contained in biographies are the identity of the character to be told. And the identity includes the name, place and stairs of birth, occupation, and as well as a history of the character's education. Not only that, dpaat was also added about information from the character's family.
  2. The element of life outlook, with the figure's life outlook can make the reader feel the character's point of view about something. An example is an opinion or opinion of a character in a biography.
  3. The element of life experience, the life experience of a character is also very important. An example is an experience activity of figures about life experiences in organization .
  4. The element of positive habits, positive habits is that a character has a good or positive life to be a good example or role model for readers.

Types of Biography

 Definition of biography and types

As for several types of biographies based on several things. The following types of biography:

1. Biography based on its contents

  • Biography of a career, this biography is a biography that contains the career journey of a character. Starting from the beginning of his career until his career until now. This biography can also contain the career path of a character in achieving a certain success.

2. Biography based on licensing

  • Authorized Biography, is a biography where the writing has obtained permission or has been known by a figure whose life experience will be written.
  • Unauthorized Biography, is a biography whose writing is not based on permission or is not known by the figure where his life experience will be written. Usually this biography is done because the character has died.

3. Publisher-based biography

  • Subsidized books, are biographies of figures whose costs of writing and production have been borne by a sponsor. If commercially chosen, the biography will not sell or the selling price of the book will be too high.
  • The book itself is a biography of a character that has been used as a book by a publisher. And the costs of production from the beginning of writing, printing to marketing are borne by yourself. The purpose of writing this biography is to be able to be sold in the market and get the attention of the public.

4. Biography based on the discussion

  • Biography of journalism, a biography of which the writing is presented from a direct interview with a character who will later be written his life experience.
  • Intellectual biography, is a biography that contains an explanation of life experiences from intellectual figures that can be written seen from a scientific perspective. This biography can be made through all the research and writing it can use scientific language.
  • Political biography, which is biogration which contains the life experience of a figure from a country that was chosen from the point of view of political point of view .

. Thus the explanation of the definition of biography, the definition of biography according to experts, the function and purpose of biography, biographical elements, and types of biography.


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