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Functions, Elements & Miscellaneous [LENGKAP]

Design is defined as planning in making an object, system, component or structure. Etymologically the word design comes from English, namely "design" which means design, plan, or design.

In the design process it will take into account various aspects, such as aesthetics, functions, and various other aspects obtained from human research and thinking. More clearly about the notion of design can be listened to through the article below:

 Definition of Design is

Design is a framework of shapes, designs, motifs, patterns, patterns

Design can be interpreted as outlines, sketches, plans. Just like in art activities, one of them is like building, the idea of ​​making machines, etc.

3. Dedi Nurhadiat

Design is a plan for realizing various ideas.

Design is a form of human and spiritual needs of human beings expressed through various experiences, expertise and knowledge that illustrate the attention to appreciation and adaptation to the surroundings.

related to the form, composition, meaning, value, and various purposes of man-made objects

5. Dudy Wiyancoko

Design is related to concept design, drawing / rendering, data analysis, cost calculation, project planning, frame testing, test riding, and prototyping.

Design is a creative activity that illustrates the diversity of the forms of quality , processes, systems and services, such as in an interconnected circle. Not only that, design can also be referred to as a factor that forms the activities of technological innovation, cultural dynamics, and economic change.

7. According to Andya Primanda

Design is an attempt to find the end result of various kinds of input that often have differences.

Briefly Jones explains that design can be interpreted by an action and initiative in changing human work.

Design is a design pattern that is the basic subject of making an object, such as clothing.

Design can be interpreted as an application designed so that it can be in accordance with needs or desires.

Design Function

 Design Function [1945995] </p>
<p> The design function is as follows: </p>
<li> It is a process of creating or creating a new object. </li>
<li> It is a tool to transform a designer's new work to a community <a href=.

  • It is a container to show objects new object to society with a picture or real.
  • It is an insight or knowledge to a man.
  • Design Elements

     Design Elements

    Elements of Graphic Desires

    1. Line

    A line is a design element that unites one point with another so that it forms a curve, or a straight line. Lines are the most basic elements for constructing the shape or construction of a design.

    2. Form

    Forms are all things that have a high and wide diameter. The basic forms that people know are squares (rectangles), circles (circles), and triangles (triangle).

    3. Texture

    In graphic design, texture is the appearance of images or designs whose visualization of the surface has a shape, pattern and pattern that can be seen and observed by the eye that the surface of the image looks smooth or rough.

    4. Space

    Space is the distance between a form and another form, space can be used as an element to give an aesthetic effect to the design. For example, without space you will not know which words and sentences or paragraphs are.

    5. Size

    Size is a design element that defines the size or magnitude of an object.

    6. Color

    Color is an important element in the object design. In coloring, it should be adjusted to the design that will be made. Because it can display identity, convey messages or distinguish the nature of forms of visual forms clearly.

    Elements of Clothing Design

    1. Lines

    Lines are the results of scratches with hard objects on the surface of natural objects (soil, sand, leaves, stems, trees, etc.) and artificial objects (paper, walls, boards, etc.).

    2. Direction

    On any object, we can feel a certain direction, for example horizontal, perpendicular, angled, and so on. This direction can be seen and felt its existence. This is often used in designing objects with a specific purpose.

    3. Field

    Definition of fields in clothing is a set of lines that meet each other or intersect each other between the tip and the base. seen from the elements of the field, there are 2 kinds of fashion designs, namely:

    • The design structure of the structure design in fashion is called silhouette. siluat is the outline of a fashion. examples of silhouettes: A silhouette, silhouette I, Y silhouette, silhouette H, silhouette S, silhouette L.
    • Decorative decoration designs on clothing have the purpose of adding beauty to the structure or silhouette design. the decoration design can be in the form of collars, arms, pockets, lace, decorative ribbons, decorative buttons, etc.

    4. Size

    The size of the body's anatomy, shape, and model of clothing, are elements that need to be taken into account in fashion design. sebaba the size of the body size is closely related to the shape and model of a planned garment.

    5. Texture

    Every object has a different surface, some are smooth and rough. Texture is the surface condition of an object, the texture can be known by looking or by touching it.

    6. Dark Light

    Dark light can show a concave or convex part, dark light also gives the impression of lighting in a fashion design. with dark light, the design looks more alive.

    7. The color

    color makes an object visible. In addition, color can also express or convey the atmosphere of the feeling or character of the object being designed. Colors can show different properties and characters.

    Types of Design

     design types

    1. Image or Visual Design

    Image design or more commonly known as visual is a technique that designers do to create and arrange images in accordance with the desired design concept.

    2. Typography or Writing Design

    Writing design is generally made by a designer to convey a message or meaning to someone or the public whether digital or visual.

    This design is of a special nature and can be characterized by symbols & logos owned by well-known companies such as Nike, Google, Youtube and other companies, as well as several small companies.

    That is the definition of design and function, elements and various designs. This design is used by many people to give nicknames to the products they make, with the intention of identifying a company name.


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