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Functions & Characteristics of Mainframe Computers

Understanding Mainframe Computers

Mainframes in English have the understanding of a high-class information technology consisting of several computers with the ability to carry out various tasks related to complex computing for a relatively short period of time. Mainframe use is usually more frequent for computers connected through a terminal.

It is important to understand that mainframe computers are more concentrated in data centers, where they will be used as a source of various computing energies. However, along with developments in the world of technology that have increasingly advanced to make PCs or Personal Computers have begun to try to approach the functions possessed by mainframe computers.

Mainframe computers are also used for simple estimates where it involves a data in large numbers, such as business for insurance and also applications that are used as polls for elections and also the presidential election. For this reason, mainframe computers are designed to be able to carry out tasks in a broader scope.

Understanding Supercomputers

When discussing mainframe computers, of course we cannot ignore the discussion about supercomputers. When talking about supercomputers, it is actually a world-class computer that has become a leader in the world in matters of process and also the speed at which it was introduced. Supercomputer began to be introduced around 1960 where it was created by a person named Saymour Cray in Control Data Corporation or CDC .

Crey had been named computer leader for about 25 years, starting in 1965 until 1990. At that time many competitors began to introduce their products in 1980. At this time, the market for supercomputers has been held by HP and IBM. One of the consumers or users of supercomputers is a science agency and also the military.

Mainframe Computer Function

 Understanding Mainframe Computers Are

Previously you already knew the understanding of mainframe computers but do you know what computer functions are? mainframe? It should be understood that the use of mainframe computers is generally used for companies with a large enough scale. Large companies certainly must be supported by good operations. Even the use of a large number of database applications must also require the existence of a mainframe computer.

Below we will inform you about the functions of the mainframe computer that you need to look at:

  • Mainframe computers are computers that are used for large scale, both in processing and storing data.
  • Mainframe computers can be used by users in large numbers.
  • Another function of a mainframe computer is that it can open many applications at the same time which is also called a multitasking function.
  • Mainframe computers have used a technology called time sharing where you can later share information and get very important information.
  • Used as a data traffic controller when many programs are trying to get data in time the same time.

After you study me about what are the benefits of a mainframe computer, you should also know that this type of computer also has several shortcomings, including:

  • Mainframe computers have a very large size. So make sure you have enough space to store it.
  • Display of users who are still using text. So, you do have to learn about programming language before you actually jump in and learn more about mainframe computers.
  • It's very expensive. This computer is priced at a very high price because its ability is not only for small to medium scale, but is used for very large scale.
  • Large electric power is also a drawback of mainframe computers. Therefore, make sure you have enough electrical power when you want to put this computer in your company.

Characteristics of Mainframe Computers

 Understanding Mainframe Computers and Its Characteristics

characteristics possessed by mainframe computers? This computer does have its own characteristics that are distinguishing with computers in general. As for the characteristics we will explain below:

  • Using a very fast processor which speeds up to 1 Giga Operations Per Second or GOPS.
  • The number of processors in a mainframe computer is more than one. These processors will later be assigned various tasks to carry out their respective duties so as not to overload one of the processors.
  • Can be used to access very large amounts of information at the same time.
  • Requires a large place so You must prepare the place first before starting to buy it.
  • The interface used by mainframe computers is still text.
  • Requires a lot of power to be able to use it.

Some examples included in mainframe computers include: IBM System (ESA) 390, Honeywell-Bull DPS 7, IBM System 360, etc.

Examples of Mainframe Computers

Below we will give examples of mainframe computers:

  • IBM System 360
  • IBM System 390
  • Cray -1 originating from Cray Research
  • Honeywell – Bull DPS 7, etc.

Comparison between Mainfra Computers me and Supercomputer


Mainframe computers are computers that have a large size that is used to process data and also various applications on a large scale. This type of computer is generally used by large companies and agencies and organizations that do their daily work on matters relating to financial transactions, research, census, and also military needs.

Mainframes can also be used to handle large numbers of users. at the same time. While for supercomputers which is only a computer that is used to do intensive calculations. One example is about molecular modeling, global warming etc.

Find out more about understanding mainframe computers and the functions and characteristics of mainframe computers. Hopefully the above article is useful and easy to understand!


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