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Function, Purpose & Type (Complete)

Definition of Illustration Image

Illustration means an imitation of a picture or form that is crossed out or poured through paper while an illustration is a painting can be a picture or photo that has the aim to help strengthen the imagination or clarify the purpose of the description can be a description that is in books, magazines , newspaper, noverl and other media.

Thus, based on two definitions of images and illustrations according to KBBI, it can be concluded that illustrative images are an image that can represent or explain a situation, story or description. Illustration is a matter relating to fine art which uses a way to form something to explain or describe to a reader about a text or reading. This is so that the reader can see the visual form of the text or text.

Based on the above meanings it can be concluded that the illustrated image is a work of art in the form of images with the aim to facilitate the explanation of a text.

Function and Purpose of the Image Illustration

1. Facilitating the explanation

 Understanding Illustrated Images Is

Illustrated images do have the aim to make it easier to explain a particular text. For example there is a novel or a short story and then someone is asked to illustrate the novel or short story.

After reading and understanding the storyline then only then can it be illustrated. The existence of such illustration images can indeed facilitate the reader in understanding the outline of the story.

2. Cultivating talent

Indeed, not everyone can make illustration illustrations that are in accordance with the conditions to be portrayed, but if they are accustomed to or really like drawing activities, there can be talents in the field of art . Through illustration images can also make a person continue to cultivate his talents until great.

3. Describe

The function of an illustrated image is one of which describes something. For example describing stories, circumstances, or events so that readers can know the core of the story. Descriptions are usually too detailed or even very brief but easy to understand.

4. Forms of expression

 Forms of expression

Illustrated images are also some forms of expression from someone to explain or describe something they experience. Usually someone who likes to draw illustrations is talented as an artist and the way to express his expression is through pictures.

5. Learning media

Learning does sometimes experience a saturated stage so easily bored and does not understand the material. One way to easily understand the lesson can be to use illustrative image media.

Someone will be more bored if only read continuously but if there are pictures someone is more happy because there are clear visuals and usually there are bright colors. Using learning media by means of illustration images can also be used so that students are more enthusiastic, motivated and not bored in learning.

6. Attracting readers

Usually texts or scripts are only filled with a collection of words that make the reader feel bored and lazy to read.

One way to make the reading more interesting is to create a media of illustrated images so that the reader is not bored and increasingly interested in reading. Usually this is done for children who have not been able to read story texts such as fairy tales or fables. Usually children tend to like images because they are easier to understand.

7. Helps memory

 Definition of Illustration Images to Help memory

Images are indeed a visual medium that can be recorded in a person's memory. By using the illustration's media, someone will be easier to remember with something because the picture is the media most clearly recorded by the eyes and memories.

Usually this is done for children who are under 7 years of age. Mothers or teachers usually help introduce the names of colors, fruits, animals through pictures so that they are easy to remember.

8. Turn on the story

The purpose or other function of illustration images can bring the story alive so that the stories presented are not in the form of writings but there is a depiction of the story.

9. Communicate the story

 Communicate the story

Illustrated images can also be a medium of communication between the author of the story and the reader. Usually through words alone it is less easy to digest but after seeing the visual form the level of understanding is clearer.

This purpose or function is usually very important when applied to children who cannot read. Children who cannot read can be helped by illustrative drawings because they still use and rely on vision.

10. Providing distractions or entertainment

As has been explained a little in the previous purpose and function that the text or writing stories that contain only a few words would certainly feel boring and make lazy to read quickly but by using the media picture illustrations the reader is more eager to read. In addition, the media of illustrated images can also be a distraction or entertainment in reading.

11. Preserving art works

Illustrated pictures are indeed one of the many forms or types of artwork. the existence of illustrated images also helps develop and preserve the existing art of painting.

Types of Illustration Images

1. Illustration Illustration Image

 Definition Illustration Illustration Image

The first type of illustration gamar is a fantasy illustration image. Fantasy is indeed an imagination activity carried out by someone. Illustrative illustration images are illustrated images that are fully depicted from imaginary drawers.

This first type of image is a kind of pure image of a person's imagination and then he illustrates it or explains it in the form of pictures so that it can be better understood.

2. Caricature Illustration Image

A caricature illustrated image is an illustrated image that illustrates an event by being sarcastic or for criticizing a particular thing.

3. Gambar Illustration of literary works

Literary works referred to here are prose, poetry and drama. Illustration pictures of literary works are images to illustrate stories in in novels drama, or short stories so that images can be visual material or a brief explanation of the contents of the story. usually other literary works such as fairy tales, fables, legends definitely need illustrative images so that readers are more interested in reading.

4. Illustration Images of subjects

 Illustration Images of subjects

Besides being able to be used to describe imaginary literary works. Illustrated drawings can also be used to illustrate lessons. Examples illustrate sports activities in sports lessons, illustrate mutual cooperation activities in social studies lessons, and there are still many illustrative illustrations that can be done to clarify lessons.

5. Image Illustration of Nature

The next illustration is an illustrated image that aims to depict the true nature such as illustrating the sea, landscape or mountains and other nature.

6. Illustration Image of events

 Illustration Image of events

Illustration illustrations of events are images to describe events that are happening. Usually it can be used in newspapers, magazines or articles. These events could be robberies, earthquakes and others.

7. Cartoon illustration image

The next type is a picture to illustrate a cartoon. Usually this type of image can be found in some children's comics, children's stories, or picture stories.

8. Picture stories

The next type is picture stories. A picture story certainly requires a picture or illustration because the concept of a picture story is to use the media as the source of the story picture. Hope it is useful.


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