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Function, Purpose, Kind, Example [LENGKAP]

Definition of Distribution

Do you know what is meant by Distribution? Definition of Distribution which is an activity that distributes a product, these products can be in the form of services or goods from producers to consumers that make the product widely spread.

Not only that, there are also some people who interpret distribution as a marketing activity that aims to facilitate a process from delivering products from producers to consumers.

That way, it can be said that the notions of distribution are as a link between production and consumption.

And in its implementation, distribution is a part of the marketing process that can contribute some added value from products based on several functions, for example such as places, utilities, product ownership rights as well as time.

Not only that, distribution is also able to create a smooth flow of marketing that can be through fi sik or non-physical, for example such as promos, payments, negotiations, current information etc.

 Definition of Distribution is

To better understand what is meant by distribution, you can refer on the opinions of experts regarding the definition of distribution below. The following is the definition of distribution according to experts:

Assauri thinks that the definition of distribution is an activity that can move products that are obtained from sources and sent to end consumers through distribution channels and in the right and right time.

Basu Swastha thinks that the notion of distribution is a channel for marketing and is often used by product makers to be able to deliver consumer products and industries.

An institution that is in the distribution channel is a distributor, producer, or industry.

Soekartawi thinks that the definition of distribution is an activity that can send and distribute goods and services to arrive at and to end consumers.

Distribution Objectives

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After knowing what is meant by distribution , do you know what the purpose of the distribution is? The main distribution goal is to be able to guarantee a continuity of production activities and also can guarantee a product can be well received by end consumers.

And below will also explain some of the objectives of the distribution:

1. Can guarantee a product reaches the consumer

Same with the above distribution goals, distribution activities can also ensure a product that is obtained from the producer can reach consumers.

The process of distribution can also be done by way of introducing goods or it can be said to be a promotion, so that the process of product delivery can reach consumers.

2. Can guarantee the process of production activities

The process of continuity of distribution that can run well can help production activities. By carrying out distribution activities, it can make the products that have been produced will not be held for a long time in the manufacturer's warehouse, but these products will reach the distributor.

Various Distributions

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As based on the role of producers and consumers, there are 3 types of distribution that we must know. The following are various types of distribution:

1. Direct Distribution

Direct distribution is a system of distribution that can be carried out by producers, namely by selling goods and services directly to consumers, and without the involvement of a third person or party who becomes an intermediary.

The system is also suitable and It is highly recommended to be used by entrepreneurs who have relatively little capital, because this system does not require a large budget.

2. Semi Direct Distribution

This semi-direct distribution system is a distribution activity that uses an agent who is the distributor of the products to be sold.

This system is also generally carried out by producers of goods that are of good quality and expensive. That is because these items really need special handling by experts. That way, with the existence of Aden, the quality of an item can also be maintained properly.

3. Indirect Distribution

And the last one is indirect distribution, this indirect distribution is a system of distributions that usually uses services from several types of distributors.

Examples include wholesale or retail. And in general the system of this one distribution can be done by companies that need a wider market and by having the properties of goods that can last quite a long time.

In this kind of distribution system also often involves several parties , which is thus definitely in desperate need of capital that is not less big.

Because it includes the promotion budget. That way, the distribution system which will later be chosen by the producers must also take into account many things, such as below:

  • How much capital has been collected (Many or few).
  • Types and properties of the goods (Can the goods be
  • Large scale of marketing (Examples such as national, international and local).
  • Facilities from transportation and communication to be used later.
  • Total items that have been produced.

Example of Distribution [19659002]  Distribution Example

In order for you to better understand the process of distribution that can take place, you can see examples of distributions below according to the types of distribution. The following is an example of distribution:

1. Example of Direct Distribution

An example of direct distribution is like a farmer who has directly sold rice from his harvest to the market, and without involving an intermediary.

2. Semi Direct Distribution Examples

Examples of semi-direct distribution are like the fashion brand GUCCI selling all products that have been produced to all GUCCI stores in the world.

3. Indirect Distribution Example

An example of an indirect distribution is that a factory from a motorized vehicle sells all the spare parts it has produced to an agent or a spare parts shop, and then the agent or shop sells it to consumers.

. Hopefully with this article, you can understand what is meant by distribution and some of the things in it.


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