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FOSS Project Spotlight: Nitrux, a Linux Distribution with a Focus on AppImages and Atomic Upgrades

Nitrux is a Linux distribution with a focus on portable, application formats
like AppImages. Nitrux uses KDE Plasma 5 and KDE Applications, and it also uses
our in-house software suite Nomad Desktop.

What Can You Use Nitrux For?

Well, just about anything! You can surf the internet, word-process, send
email, create spreadsheets,
listen to music, watch movies, chat, play games, code, do photo editing,
create content—whatever you want!

Nitrux’s main feature is the Nomad Desktop, which aims to extend Plasma to suit new users without
compromising its power and flexibility for experts. Nomad’s features:

  • The System Tray replaces the traditional Plasma version.
  • An expanded notification center allows users to manage
    notifications in a friendlier manner.
  • Easier access to managing networks: quick access to different
    network settings without having to search for them.
  • Improved media controls: a less confusing way to adjust the
    application’s volume and integrated media controls.
  • Calendar and weather: displays the traditional Plasma calendar but
    also adds the ability to see appointments and the ability to configure
    location settings to display the weather.
  • Custom Plasma 5 artwork: including Look and Feel, Plasma theme,
    Kvantum theme, icon theme, cursor themes, SDDM themes, Konsole theme and
    Aurorae window decoration.

Nitrux is a complete operating system that ships the essential apps and
services for daily use: office applications, PDF reader, image editor,
music and video players and so on. We also include non-KDE or Qt applications like
Chromium and LibreOffice that together create a friendly user experience.

Available Out of the Box

Nitrux includes a selection of applications carefully chosen to perform the
best when using your computer:

  • Dolphin: file manager.
  • Kate: advanced text editor.
  • Ark: archiving tool.
  • Konsole: terminal emulator.
  • Chromium: web browser.
  • Babe: music player.
  • VLC: multimedia player.
  • LibreOffice: open-source office suite.
  • Showimage: image viewer.

Explore a Universe of Apps in Nitrux

The NX Software Center is a free application that provides Linux users with a
modern and easy way to manage the software installed on their open-source
operating systems. Its features allow you to search, install and manage
AppImages. AppImages are faster to install, easier to create and safer to
run. AppImages aim to work on any distribution or device, from IoT devices to
servers, desktops and mobile devices.


Figure 1. The Nomad Software Center

Securing Your Desktop and Workstation

Nomad Firewall is a firewall tool for Linux that uses the Qt toolkit. You can use
the wizard to create a basic firewall and then streamline it further using the
dynamic rules. You can open and close ports with a few clicks, or monitor
your services giving access only to a select few. Nomad Firewall is an open-source application that provides users with a graphical user interface (GUI)
for the ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall)/iptables command-line interface, which
lets users manage the Linux kernel’s packet filtering system.


Figure 2. The Nomad Firewall

What We’re Working On

znx: https://github.com/Nitrux/znx

znx allows users to perform the following:

  • Make parallel deployments of bootable ISO images (Linux-based
    distributions are expected).
  • Upgrade systems in a safe (atomic) way.
  • Update images based on differential content.

For more information about how znx works, see the documentation.

Maui Project: https://maui-project.org

The Maui Project is a free and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful user

  • Maui Kit: a set of templated controls and tools based off QQC2 and
    Kirigami, shared among the Maui set of applications. Maui Kit helps to
    build UIs quickly that follow the Maui HIG and bring ready-to-go tools for different
    platforms, such as Android and Linux.
  • Maui Apps: applications built using the Maui Kit provide a seamless transition between
    mobile and desktop technology—where the line between desktop and mobile
    is blurred. Using the same codebase, Maui Apps provide users with one app for
    multiple form factors and operating systems.

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