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Formula, Sound, Example + Discussion Problem [LENGKAP]

The name of Pascal's law comes from someone who has carried out an experiment, the name of the scientist is Blaise Pascal. He has carried out experiments on ait and he has also stated that water can come out farther and more profusely through a hole in the container where the upper surface is open.

And when compared to a container with a top surface covered, it is also often called with the principle name Pascal. And this is also caused by greater water pressure in the open container.

With the explanation above, it can raise a question, namely, why the water pressure on an open container surface can be larger than the one with a closed surface ?

That is because closed containers only have water pressure that has a dependence on density of water, depth of water from acceleration of gravity and surface.

When compared to open wada, other than those in closed containers there is also air pressure which has worked on a surface of the water, and that is the reason.

Pascal's Legal Sounds

 Pascal's Law and Legal Forms

Before knowing what sounds from Pascal's law, you need to know first what is the meaning of Pascal's law. Pascal's law is an application of a concept of pressure contained in a liquid.

A simple example of Pascal's law is, if you have seen a mechanic replace a tire, surely a car is appointed using a special tool. Now a tool that can lift the car is also called a jack.

Well, you can also learn the principle of working on this jack in Pascal's law. The sound of Pascal's law is also included in the principle of Pascal's law as well. Here is the sound of Pascal's law:

[1945soundofPascal'slaw” width=”700″ height=”136″/>

Pascal's Legal Formula

 Pascal's Legal Formula

Similar to other physical laws, Pascal's law also has a formula. Where the formula becomes a reference in working on issues concerning Pascal's law.

Simply stated, the following is Pascal's legal formula on a closed system:

formula ” width=”281″ height=”92″/>

Simpler forms of the formula there can also be written as [1945900] P 1 = P 2.

As we all know that pressure is a force divided by the width of its cross section or can be written with P = F / A, therefore the equation can be rewritten to be as below:

formula ” width=”163″ height=”116″/>

And if what is known is the diameter or radius, then the formula of Pascal's law can also change , and be as below:

formula ” width=”174″ height=”229″/>


  • F1 = force in cross section 1 (newton)
  • F2 = force in cross section 2 (newton)
  • A1 = cross-sectional area 1 (m2)
  • A2 = area cross section 2 (m2)
  • D1 = diameter in cross section 1 (m)
  • D2 = diameter in cross section 2 (m)
  • R1 = radius in cross section 1 (m)
  • R2 = finger- finger on cross section 2 (m)

Judging from the formula above, the force F2 is also influenced by the area of ​​each vessel surface. If the surface of the vessel is larger, then the force created will be even greater.

Application of Pascal Law in Daily Life


Pascal's law can also benefit everyday human life . Where in its application Pascal's law can help everyday human work. Here are some applications of Pascal law in everyday life:

1. Application of Hydraulic Brakes

Did you know that the brake system in a car often uses Pascal's law in making it? Because if you don't use Pascal's law, then being able to stop the pace of a car will require a very large amount of energy.

And by using this law, a car driver only has to give a small force to reduce the speed of a vehicle. The style will then be passed on oil through a pipe, which later can provide a much greater force on a brake that is located on a car tire.

2. Application of Bicycle Pumps

In the application of bicycle pumps, there are 2 types of bicycle pumps namely hydraulic bicycle pumps and also hydraulic bicycle pumps.

Well, to be able to pump tires more easily, we have to use a hydraulic bicycle pump, because using a hydraulic bicycle pump only requires a little power.

3. Application of Hydraulic Jack

If you have seen a mechanic change the tire of a car, then the part of the car must be propped up by something so that the body of the car is not tilted, so humans often use a hydraulic jack.

4. Application of Hydraulic Car Lifting Machines

In applying Pascal's law it is also often used to lift a car. And this tool is often used in car wash places. Well, the way the hydraulic car lift works is also the same as the way the hydraulic jack works.

5. Application of Cotton Press Machines

Not only brakes, pumps and jacks, the application of Pascal's law also exists on a cotton press machine. It is useful to be able to obtain a suitable size to be disseminated and also stored.

The working method of this cotton press machine uses the compressive force that has been produced by a pump which can press a small suction, which later the large suction can move up and later if you push the cotton, and it will make it compress it.

Examples of Pascal + Answers Legal Questions

A hydraulic lever has a main piston (in) with a diameter of 1 cm and an outer cylinder of size diameter of 6 cm.

Therefore, determine the power that has been removed from the outer cylinder when giving a force of 10 N to an incoming cylinder. If the piston entry moves within 4 cm, then how far does the outer piston move?


The above questions can be solved using the following formula  F_2 / A_2 = F_1A_1 . But we must look for the value of the generated force first using the formula below:

 F_2 = ( frac {A_2} {A_1}) F_1

From the above formula, the force can be already produced, which is equal to:

[1945944] F_2 = frac { frac { pi} {4} (6 times 10 ^ {- 2} m) ^ 2} { frac { pi} {4 } (1 times 10 ^ {- 2} m) ^ 2} (10 N) “/>  F_2 = 360 N

Furthermore, a distance from the motion of an external puston is obtained, which is equal to:

  frac {F_2} {F_1} =  frac {h_1} {h_2}  h_2 = ( frac {10 N} {360 N}) 4 cm = 0.11 cm
Therefore, it can be concluded that the outer piston moves at a distance of 1/36 when compared to the piston in.

That is a discussion of Pascal's law such as formulas, sounds and examples of Pascal's legal questions and their discussion. Hopefully useful and easy to understand. Thank you!


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