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First Arch Linux ISO Snapshot Powered by Linux Kernel 5.1 Is Now Available

June 2019’s Arch Linux snapshot has been released, and it’s the first to ditch the Linux 5.0 kernel series and adopt the latest Linux kernel 5.1 branch.

Now that Linux kernel 5.0 reached end of life, which means that it will no long receive maintenance updates, the Arch Linux 2019.06.01 is here as the first ISO snapshot of the acclaimed Linux-based operating system to ship with a kernel from the latest Linux 5.1 series, namely Linux kernel 5.1.5.

Linux kernel 5.1 was released last month and comes with great additions, including more preparations for the year 2038, more scalable and faster asynchronous I/O, support for configuring Zstd compression levels in the Btrfs file system, better file system monitorization, and a new cpuidle governor called TEO.

It also adds support for booting to a device-mapper device without using initramfs, support for cumulative patches in live kernel patching, support for delivering safe signals in presence of PID reuse, support for using persistent memory as RAM, and numerous new and updated drivers for better hardware support.

Download Arch Linux 2019.06.01 for new deployments

As with all previous Arch Linux ISO snapshots, the Arch Linux 2019.06.01 release is here only for new deployments of the Linux-based operating system. So whether you want to reinstall your Arch Linux system or deploy it on new computers, you can download Arch Linux 2019.06.01 right now from the official page.

Existing Arch Linux users don’t need to download the new ISO snapshot to keep their installations up to date. Simply run the “sudo pacman -Syu” command in a terminal app to install the latest Linux 5.1 kernel series and all the software and security updates included in Arch Linux 2019.06.01 since May 2019.

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